Narcissistic Doctors Intimidate Their Patients

* There are excellent fine ethical physicians who have impeccable characters and are devoted to the health and well being of their patients.

I am talking about narcissistic physicians who have all of the traits of the narcissistic personality: extreme self entitlement, volcanic rage, manipulative, duplicitous, shading of the truth, believing that they are perfect, without any flaws, incapable of empathy, and have the wealth and money motive above the welfare of their patients. Doctors are not gods—Greek, Christian, pagan, or otherwise.

Quite often in our narcissistic society, these individuals are highly successful. Narcissistic physicians are very charming and often very bright and well educated. Being smart does not mean that a person has a good character or deeply cares about another human being. Some of the most pathological individuals I have met and known have been super “smart.” In this society, there is a tendency to believe that those who are very successful are fine human beings. This is not true. On the reverse side, those who don’t succeed materially are considered to be failures and are questioned by some to have deficient characters.

Make sure that your physician is not a narcissistic personality. Those looking after other people’s health shouldn’t act this way. Many healthcare centers are actually pushing their staff to treat patients better. They believe that the patient should have a great experience with the staff. To learn more about the ideal patient experience, people can always check out a site like Hopefully, more physicians and healthcare staff will be nicer to patients. Despite this, some workers may still be narcissistic. Look out for the following signs. Does he or she listen intently to you? Do you have a clear sense that he cares about your health and well-being?
Does he/she respect your input or do his eyes glaze over and you are corrected dismissively for your ignorance. In some cases with narcissistic physicians when you are alone with them, they will project their psychological venom onto you. I remember a time with a psychiatrist whom I had just met and who was highly recommended to me, telling me that I had a problem with my cognitive process–in other words, within minutes this person was saying that my thought process was deeply flawed. I was shocked at first–then I realized that this was a primitive projection on his part. I responded to him quickly and clearly, telling him that he was projecting and that the interview was over.

Many patients are intimidated to confront a professional in this way. If you are concerned, bring a friend with you to sit in on the preliminary meeting and take a long hard look at this professional. After all, you have hired them. They are working for you so that your health on every level will be the best possible.

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  1. Thank you so much for this great article. I suffer from M.E. due to years of abuse from my mother and brother. Not one doctor has recognized the cause of the M.E. In fact, I seem to have been surrounded by doctors who just project onto me that it is all my fault. Thankfully, now we can choose our doctors here.

  2. I was torchered and abused. a doctor. ..and she slandered me…destroyed my life and career and health. ..In the late 1990s. .she enflicted
    Such lies and hatred against me…she filled me into some kind of system. ..stripping me of my rights and civil liberties as an American born divorced educated women. ..

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