High Level Narcissists – Dripping with Self Adulation

High Level Narcissists – Dripping with Self Adulation

There is a distinct vibration, a psychological secent you detect in the high level narcissist. Charming, often spell biending, these individuals reveal themselves fully when we are open to our intuitive insights about them. This is very important in that many people are fooled by high level narcissists at the top of their game. For the high level each person is a puzzle piece that he/she selects to enhance his sense of perfection, extreme self entitlement, power and control.

The high level truly believes that he has great value, talent, brilliance than any one else. Very aggressive, the high level is willing to disrupt and desimate those who stand in his way, taking a no prisoners attitude. He is disgusted with those whom he describes as weak and incompetent, introverted types that respond with feelings and empathy.

These outrageous, infamous types are conquerors. Many are obsessed with money and possessions, always topping themselves. Highly aggressive, he maneuvers himself/herself up the financial and social ladders, stepping over and pushing others off his path, a royal road to material largesse and social power.

There is a time for you of deep insight when you recognize that you can no longer stay in this toxic, non-relationship. You move forward now, knowing that you can recoonstitute and yourself fully—psychologically, physically, spiritually, creatively.

Practice daily self care: rest, sleep, hydration, pure nourishing food, beautiful music, movement/exercise and Nature—that restores mind/body/insight/beauty/creativity.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D., L.M.F.T.