The Rise of High Level Socialized Sociopaths

The socialized sociopath I am focusing is often found at the upper echelons of power in private and public sectors. To most people they are unrecognizable in this role. These individuals are beyond clever and cunning. They are masters of image, disguise, theatre, seduction. Many of them attend our finest universities, have the highest credentials in many professional fields. They are exalted in our current society by many, bestowed honors and awards for their important work and looked up to as role models by their peers, followers, communities and friends.

These sociopaths are a special breed of men and women. They often, have earned several degrees and have entered, climbed and succeeded to the pinnacle of their professions. Almost everyone is fooled by them. Their main focus is in wielding power and manipulating others with great skill and through clandestine means. There are no limits to their ambitions. They place themselves strategically to achieve the maximum influence over others whom they view as pawns in their treacherous game. They learned the art of sizing up people early, have mastered all of the social skills and ways of flattering people into falling for them. They wield power and influence in their work over their associates. They act like team players but behind the scenes they are using associates to plot and destroy those who would block their path.  They spread lies, create ugly scenarios, defame and eventually destroy anyone who gets in their way. I have heard many stories from their victims of lives decimated by these fawned over criminals in disguise.

The truth comes from those who have shared their private lives with these individuals.  Some husbands and wives sacrifice their lives and sell their souls to share the public adulation, lifestyle and raw power that these sociopaths hold in the palms of their hands. Others finally discover that they can no longer live with the abuse, suspect that there is too much illegal, immoral and unethical behaviors occurring that they can no longer stomach and that they must sever these treacherous relationships to save themselves and their children. Divorces from these high level sociopaths are ugly to the max. Those who go forward and survive are relieved and finally free of the imprisonment and secrecy that has haunted them for decades.

Many in the current society, hyped by corporate pr machines, media and infotainment empires, believe that those who ultimately win—even if other human beings are thrown to the wolves in the process, is perfectly ok—-even admirable Those who don’t or won’t or can’t play this brand of hard ball are wimps, outliers, incompetents. The increase of narcissistic personality disorders over the last few decades is astounding. Along with this is the acceptance and rise of the interpersonally skilled, charismatic, high level socialized sociopath. They are seated in the midst of many power venues.

Socially gifted sociopaths fool most people. To protect yourself from these highly destructive individuals, study this personality disorder.

Pay close attention to the messages from your intuition. It always speak the truth—listen to the wisdom.


5 thoughts on “The Rise of High Level Socialized Sociopaths”

  1. My brother is currently head of European Operations for the Army and a police sergeant.He likes the military better. The first time he tried to kill me he was 11, and I was 16, over a tablecloth he burned because he didn’t want to eat green beans. When he saw the damage, he grabbed a steak knife and slashed me with it screaming “It’s your fault! It’s your fault!” I eventually punched him in the mouth to make him drop the knife. I know my mother beat me for hitting her beloved son, like many of the beatings, there is a void space. To make things even more wonderful…my brother also is a sadist, a seducer, and…I suspect, a pedophile. Not because he likes young girls, but because he likes making helpless creatures cry. In some cases, the parents of the girls who are too afraid to report the officer. I ran into a mom and mentally disabled daughter duo, the daughter was very beautiful. When she found out he was my brother, she told her mother…who looked at me as though I suddenly became satan and dragged her daughter from the store. The way the daughter was talking…she called my brother her “knight in shining armor”…and was mooning over him like only a young girl in love can. I left the store, business unfinished and threw up in the gutter. I could go on forever. I would love to write an autobiography regarding my family and my abuse, but…I’m afraid that he will go after my son in revenge. It would be a mistake. My mother raised me to, and losing my son would erase all the rules I have in my life to keep me on the right side. He is the only person I would kill if given the opportunity. Judge me if you want. I know of at least one poor girl who didn’t survive him.

  2. I think all narcissistic men who are addicted to porn, have the potential to also become pedophiles.

    I have seen pictures of women that have “barely there breasts” on my ex-boyfriend’s computer. I am positive that was not the only one in his hard drive.

    I have seen him flirting with his friend’s daughters right in front of their parents. He is beyond sick. A monster. Morality is a foreign concept for these beings. He goes “gaga” over his son’s girlfriends (18, 19). It’s pathetic and sickening.

  3. I understand Jason. I wanted my father dead. Instead he lived till 79, my mum only lived till 34, my brother only till 42. They are soul destroyers.

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