Narcissists Deceive and Discard Their Spouses

Narcissists are solo acts. They are incapable of forming genuine relationships, especially with their spouses. Narcissists are duplicitous. They have many secret agendas. They skillfully compartmentalize and keep their secrets. They are loyal to no one except themselves.

Married to a narcissist, you are constantly on the receiving end of their vituperative, vile projections.

After the marriage turns stale, the narcissist grows more restless. They are disgusted with spouses who are ill or have chronic physical, emotional or psychological problems. This cramps their style and doesn’t suit their high flying energy. Besides, it’s dreadful for their grandiose image. This is all that matters to them.

Narcissists abandon their spouses, leaving them without psychological or financial support. They never look back at the horrendous pain and distress they have caused. So full of themselves they adroitly shift to a new stage set with a fresh partner. These cruel scenarios are repeated by narcissists with impunity in our current, coarse, self absorbed culture.

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