Narcissistic Women-Their One Bounce Men

Narcissistic women always have their antennae focused on their next acquisition whether it is the consummation of a lucrative business negotiation, the neutralization of foes, or the stamp and seal on their next spouse. These gals plan ahead and know their moves way in advance. Comfortable and strategically gifted in the corridors of power, well educated and supremely self confident, narcissistic women set their personal and professional agendas. They exploit the “right men” to serve their purposes. One of the classic scenarios I have observed is their skill and artistry with what I call the “one bounce man.” This is a long suffering unhappily married fellow, hanging on to his spouse by a thread, just waiting for someone to come along and lop it off. There is the wealthy, well connected recently widowed man who cannot tolerate being alone. One of my favorites is the freshly divorced man who is determined to celebrate his freedom at last with a variety of sexual plays and conquests. Married men are no obstacle to the narcissistic woman who is looking for her one bounce man. She will muscle into the middle of a marriage regardless of the psychological entanglements of children, in-laws, or family ties. Being a narcissist this woman has no conscience; she’s going for the finish line and no one will stop her. Certain narcissistic women are skilled at immediately assessing the pulse of a man’s vulnerability to capitulate to her power and desirability. I have watched many narcissistic women move from husband one to four in magnificent leaps and graceful pirouettes of manipulation and seduction.

This type of narcissistic woman uses her exquisite antennae to ascertain when to place herself irresitbly in the sites of a man who will perpetuate her career and social pedigree. I have known a number of women who have used this method and moved through three or four husbands like sure footed sherpas climbing the Himalayas. Visit my website:

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  1. Comment: From Doug
    Wow, just got over a third narcissistic relationship, although the first two had the other traits of control, shouting and guilt crap, one was a 25 year relationship, the second a 6 year, promised myself I would never get into that type again, out came this short lived 6 month relationship, my intuition told me so, but her charm and seductiveness and intelligence and goals threw me off, after a short while the controlling of every aspect, my friends, money, kids, wardrobe, hair, eating, everything was controlled to where I had no say on anything I could bring into the relationship, within 2 months I started reading a lot about narcissist woman, what made them that way, much seems to be common and that there is nothing I can do, I tried to help, well it was way beyond help to the point I couldn’t help my own kids or pay my own bills, this article hits the nail on the head with this lil narcissist, thank uou

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