Narcissistic Couple

The narcissistic power couple is very much alive and thriving in today’s celebrity obsessed, media saturated culture. We find narcissistic power couples in all professions: entertainment, politics, high tech, medicine, law, the corporate world. The power couple consists of two narcissists who are either married or partnered with one another. The most important aspect of their identity is their tandem perfect image, the dual persona that they present to the world. Narcissistic power couples are often physically very attractive, affluent or very wealthy, grandiose, completely self entitled, glamorous, socially adept, intimately connected
with other high powered individuals and elite groups. Their external persona is riveting. Together they create a synergy that magnetizes people to them. Some individuals become so obsessed that they lead their lives through the narcissistic couple rather than their own. This is evident in the celebrity culture of golden couples. The television outlets, magazine and gossip rags present constant images of the intimate lives of celebrity narcissistic couples. Like professional voyeurs, they ask and answer the most intimate questions about famous entertainers: their sex lives, marriages, miscarriages, pregnancies, infidelities, divorces, plastic surgeries, mental and physical illnesses, alcohol and drug addictions.
Narcissistic power couples are both competitive and complementary to one another. They propel one another to dizzying heights of power, wealth and material acquisitions. With two high level narcissists the glow of their presence is enhanced and the breadth of their power and fame radiates and resonates, cutting a generous wide swath.

Many of these couples have unwritten agreements that each is free to have affairs and liaisons as long as they are discreet. The narcissistic couple is exquisitely skilled at vanquishing their enemies. Together they charm, deceive, seduce and intimidate those who would dare to unseat them. They play both dirty and nice, depending on their mutual goal to control, manipulate and even destroy others.

Narcississtic power couples lead lives that are set apart from most of us. They are whisked off on private helicopters and planes to exclusive venues all over the world. They accumulate greater aggregates of wealth and power because they have intimate contacts with the right people who make sure that their timing for making profits is always precise. God help those who dare to infiltrate and dilute their power or money base. The lawyers and rabid dogs will be set upon them. You could become the intended feast.

The inner world of each member of the narcissistic couple is shallow, vapid, rancorous,without meaning. These individuals are burned out, devoid of human warmth and empathy. Their act is worn, pathetic and inert: a psychological wasteland. Visit my

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