From Budding Narcissist to Full Blown Pathological Narcissism

There is a young woman whom I have known as an acquaintance for the past ten years. I  met her when she was ten years old. This was in the context of a neighborhood party. Her mother is a fully developed narcissistic personality. Exceedingly self entitled, expecting perfection of others, physically vane to a fault, highly manipulative of her husband, friends, etc. this lady demands having her way and gets it. Her husband is a weak man who gives into her constantly. She is the ruler of the household and has complete control over her very naive spouse.

On one occasion I went over to their home to return some mail that had been sent to the incorrect address. After the preliminary greetings, the daughter who was ten years old at the time, suddenly asked me in a stark cruel tone: “What’s wrong with your eye?” I was shocked by this personal question. I wondered for a moment if she could tell that I was wearing contact lenses. Many scenarios passed through my mind as I felt anger, outrage and shock run through my nervous system. My eye was healing from a  minor infection. Silence reigned. The mother didn’t say a word, look at her daughter, apologize to me, tell her child not to invade some one’s privacy and cause them emotional hurt and pain. I stepped into the breach and said: ” There are personal questions you never ask another individual. This is impolite, disrespectful and inconsiderate.” My words hung in the air. The girl sat defiantly in her chair, staring me down, daring me to speak further. Mother didn’t react at all–not one eyelash quivered. In fact narcissistic mother appeared to be bored and restless and needing to “move on” from the entire incident. It was over for her before it began because it wasn’t about her and how perfect she was. Her daughter was becoming a narcissistic Mini Me.  In addition her father was and is a fool about his little girl. She got away with whatever she wanted with him. I left this scene, knowing that there was a process in motion that would result in a full blown narcissistic disorder.

Recently, I spoke with the daughter in the company of her mother and got a more narcissistic vib from her. She is now a college student so full of herself she can hardly stand still. This young woman shows no interest, concern, understanding or care for others unless she is narcissistic supplies –praise, adoration, favors, accolades, intros into social circles, etc. from them. Her friends are Yes Sayers to her, small echoes of her highness. They laugh at those whom they see as inferior—meaning people who are not exactly like them.

This daughter will go through the rest of her life as a narcissistic personality, hurting everyone in her reach. She will make the lives of others pure misery unless they learn about the complex in-depth facets and many faces of the Narcissistic Personality.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

3 thoughts on “From Budding Narcissist to Full Blown Pathological Narcissism”

  1. Comment: From Sherry K.
    Thank you so very much for your blogs…..they are lifting me up and giving me confidence as I separate from my 41 year marriage to a man with NPD. I came home from a tennis match on October 1, 2013 to find a letter of separation and a note written in his big, bold print on pieces of copier paper telling me he would see me on the “there after” and to move forward with my life. I naturally fell into self care mode as I have been trained to do in martial arts and although I have had a few dark days here and there, for the most part I feel liberated, as though I am breathing fresh air for the first time in 15 years. Thank you again for your blogs. They give me insight into his twisted psyche and even more importantly, they are giving me insight to my own recovery.

  2. Comment:From Victoria
    Thank you so much for your blogs! After one year of marriage, we allowed our adult stepdaughter to move in with us temporarily. It wasn’t long before I realized she was a textbook narcissist, and my husband was completely under her control. It took months to finally get her out of our house, and she left near destruction in her wake. I can’t begin to tell you the validation and comfort your words have given me. If my marriage survives this nightmare, I realize I need a plan in place to deal with this monster in my future. Whether it’s worth it or not remains to be seen. My husband still thinks she’s just “spoiled”.

  3. Comment:From Barbara
    I think you were blessed in the long run now to be rid of this man, Everyday that goes by now you are away from this constant manipulation. The peace that this brings is worth so much. If possible go NC with him, he will never change but thank God you have. You deserve so much better than this in your life and do something good for yourself. It is not too late to be happy!

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