Raising Compassionate Children–Non Narcissists

Today we live in a society surrounded by narcissists. Many of them
are highly successful in the world and they get what they want by
stepping over the needs and vulnerabilities of others. I have seen the
psychological and physical health of many undermined by the narcissists
in their lives–at home and at work. This is a disgrace. Those who sit
by and watch this happen and approve of it quietly are part of the
problem. There is a narcissistic style “It’s all about me.”  “Grab what
you can get.” “That person is a failure because he or she didn’t go to
the right schools.” “She is so unattractive. What’s the matter with
her.She needs to lose weight.” (This is an indication that this person
is defective because she doesn’t look perfect.) This is all part of a
current mind set that is present in much of our society today. Becoming
more powerful by hurting others has become absolutely acceptable in many
corporate circles. In fact it is accepted as the only way to function
is a ruthless world. The ruthless inherit the earth—I hope not. This
cold, cruel disgusting way of treating other people must be stopped by
those who see through the delusion of the narcissistic way of life.

begins with the way we raise our children. Manners and consideration
count. This begins early. Parents teach their small children that the
feelings of others matter, that those around us–family, friends and
those we meet must be treated with respect. I have had experiences and
I’m sure you have where an impudent child has blatantly made unkind
remarks to me to my face in front of his/her mother. The mother made no
correction. She didn’t even flinch. In this case the child pointed out
some flaw on my face—Was it a pimple, a line, a lack of symmetry. I
don’t remember. But I was outraged by this total lack of respect and
manners on the part of this child who was no longer a baby. This is the
mother’s fault. She believes that her children are perfect. She is the
narcissist, raising children who will carry the imprint of her serious
character disorder.

First, we are parents who are aware
of others—not just ourselves. Awareness is the key as is compassion.
Little children are capable of empathy. We need to tap in to this
ability in our children when they are very young. Our children watch us
and learn from example but we are required to do more. When they step
out of line and are inconsiderate and unkind, this must be pointed out
in a reasonable and civil way so that our children learn to always
consider the needs of others. As they teaching moments accrue,
understand and caring deeply about the feelings of others is
internalized in our children. This is a great gift to them that they
will carry all of their lives. They will bring this warmth of heart and
empathy to everyone who crosses their path.  To learn about the
narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my website:thenarcissistinyourlife.com 

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Narcissistic Mother’s Lack of Emotional Attachment

The first stage of growth in the attachment of the newborn to the
mother. D.W. Winncott the great psychoanalyst calls this phase the
mother’s “preoccupation” with her baby. This is an essential process in
the baby’s secure attachment to mother. The “good enough mother” as he
describes it , for this period of time is constantly thinking, feeling
and acting through the days and night about her baby. The earliest weeks
and months are critical to the babies’ physical, mental, and
psychological development. There is a special relationship that develops
between the two. The father is a vital part of this process. Cuddling,
calming, speaking softly, caressing a crying baby, soothing a frightened
child is all part of this period. The baby has left the dark safety of
the womb and is now exposed to an unknown world filled with sounds,
colors, forms, scents, touch—all of this is new to his world. Mother
is the one through her attachment to the baby, creates a safe
psychological bridge for living in the world.

raised by a narcissistic mother don’t have this experience. Mother is
incapable of attaching to her baby. She may pretend convincingly to
others but she has no real feeling. Narcissistic mothers believe they
are great mothers and that they can do it all. They count the days when
they can return from maternity leave and work during times when their
baby needs them desperately.

Some women must work to
keep their families together. There is no father. They are the ones who
are raising the children, paying the bills and putting food on the
table. This is another situation and these women deserve our praise.

narcissistic mother ignores and neglects her child. Her main focus is
on herself.  She spends inordinate amount of time on how she looks which
has to be “perfect.” Many of these mothers are highly materialistic.
What they wear, their external image, their home surroundings–all add
up to a perfect image. Narcissistic others are bored with their
children. They make no psychological connection with them and discard

They pawn them off on baby sitters. Some of them have 24/7
help for their children because they are too busy to take care of them.
Children raised in this way do not attach to the mother and have a
difficult time attaching to another person. Fortunately, there are
instances in which a grand parent or other family member who steps into
the mothering role. This can make all the difference.

children raise themselves. Some brothers and sisters form their own
families and take care of one another. Some children go their own way
and survive despite all of the emotional pain and maternal deprivation.
Adult children of narcissistic mothers benefit from excellent
psychotherapy and other healing modalities—gentle yoga, meditation,
cardiovascular exercise. Remember, having a narcissistic mother is not
your fault. You are a separate individual and deserve to lead your life
in freedom and creativity. Visit my website: thenarcissistinyourlife.com

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

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Book: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life
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Narcissists Play “I have Changed” Card

One of the repetitive themes that runs through the cycle of abuse
with the narcissistic spouse is: “I have changed. I want you back. I am a
different person now.”  This works very well for many narcissists. They
are such brilliant method actors that the abused spouse believes them.
She has been waiting to hear these words for years. She wants to believe
that this man has transformed himself. She still loves this husband who
has abused her for years. She takes him back and soon discovers that he
has returned to get something that he wants. In some cases it is a
financial ruse. He knows that you have been very successful at your
career or business and he has come to take you for every financial asset
you have. Another reason is that he doesn’t want to go through a
divorce because in the agreement he will lose too much of his monetary
worth. He would much rather have a pretend marriage with you as the
official spouse that leaves him lots of opportunities for his affairs.
He needs the image of the perfect marriage and family. Beneath the
surface he is still leading a secret life. 

personalities do not change. This is a fixed characterlogical disorder.
Narcissists believe they are perfect. Don’t let the narcissistic spouse
back into your life. You don’t deserve this abuse and exploitation.
Free yourself. You will find your own way. You will use your creative
gifts. Your energy and emotional and psychological health will be
restored. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

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You are the Narcissist’s Possession

“Casting one’s lot with a narcissist means that your life no longer
belongs to you. Your mental freedom and psychological space are
invaded…The narcissist  creates an unbroken fusion with his intimates,
treating them like the intricately woven fabric of his own
personality.”(Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life)

are driven to have what they want and must have regardless of the 
people whom they ruthlessly push aside (even their small children) lie
to, cheat, psychologically abuse, trick or cause psychological and
physical harm. They are bulldozers, juggernauts, human tsunamis.  You
can’t win with a narcissistic spouse unless you fuse with them and allow
them to eclipse your inner world of creativity and freedom and go along
for all of the perks and material upsides of one who is rising in power
and financial assets. Some spouses choose that direction. There is so
much to gain by having the next lovely object—a special article of
clothing, an irresistible piece of jewelry, a perfectly designed home, a
grand trip, the prestige to be married to a man or woman who is sought
after as a very special person in the world. This is so tempting to many
spouses that they can’t say ‘No”.  The deeper and closer the fusion
with the narcissistic spouse the less capacity to individuate out as a
separate person who is free to be genuine and to use their creative
gifts and full potential.

Some spouses decide that they
must sever this pathological relationship. Many of them do it for their
children. They recognize the damage that staying with the narcissistic
spouse is doing each day. They make the decision to divorce. This is a
difficult process with a narcissist but they are up for the fight. They
have confidence in themselves, have chosen an excellent, bright,
fearless attorney who knows how narcissists operate. In the aftermath
the spouse, now free from bondage, is free to renew his/her own life and
the endless opportunities that it holds. To learn about the
narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my website:thenarcissistinyourlife.com

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

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Book: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life

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Have You Had Enough Abuse From Your Narcissistic Mother

“How much more can I take?” You ask this question over and over again as you have for decades since you were a small child. Then you were so terrified you couldn’t think. Even in school you were preoccupied with new frightening ways mom would find to punish you for something you hadn’t done.She would make up your crimes and create your punishments.The days and nights were horrific. Many children of narcissistic mothers tell life stories of being like servants in their own homes. From the age of four or five they were forced to clean, sweep, even cook to the screaming fits of their narcissistic mother. As an adult you still hear those ear splitting commands and the hand that comes so close to making you nose bloody. Sometimes it did and you wondered if there were any teeth missing. You remember how revolting your mother’s face looked as she got closer to you. You shook with fear,sometimes wetting yourself.

Now as an adult you are still taking horrendous abuse in different forms from this she-devil excuse for a mother. What will it take to set yourself free. Do you care that your brothers and sisters defend her constantly.Do you care about getting access to her home and assets after she dies. Or do you want the life you never had.  You are entitled to that and much more. First, learn everything you can about the narcissistic personality and read some of my blogs about the narcissistic mother


Affairs With Narcissistic Men

Being seduced by a narcissistic man is not that uncommon. There are many life stories with unhappy endings that start with a major flirtation. The high level grandiose narcissistic man is irresistible. He gazes at you, won’t take his eyes off of you. And that’s only the beginning. There is a  strong dynamic–a vibration that surrounds a powerful handsome male narcissist. It is very difficult for most women to say “no” to them. Some women fall so fast and hard that they are willing to risk their marriages and their children to be with this man.

At the start it is pure magic–a living fantasy that we don’t want to disappear into a chimera.  The narcissist becomes obsessed with seeing you and you keep saying yes. He promises you everything–including marriage and you keep saying yes. Then the time comes when he is contacting you less often, unresponsive to your texts. He says he is traveling and has a very heavy work load. You miss him but don’t get it. He is finished with you; he has had his fun. Most likely he has found someone else for his favorite recreation—seducing women.

To protect yourself from these most tempting of men, do a lot of research on the narcissistic personality disorder. Study their character —They have no empathy; they are deceptive, they are chronic liars; they exploit everyone; they are highly critical and self entitled. They are incapable of any emotional attachment of any kind. You will be grateful that you have done this work and discovered the true nature of the narcissist.