Love–Hate Relationships–Sons of Narcissistic Mothers

Sons of narcissistic mothers are possessed by them. Their lives are
never their own. Thoughts and feelings of “mother” is always pulsing
through their heads. They are never free of the narcissistic mother. She
is always present even if she is physically absent. The son of a
narcissistic mother has internalized this woman who “adores” him.  In
many cases, he has been her psychological possession for his entire
life. The icon Frank Lloyd Wright had a classic love-hate relationship
with his mother. She called him “her prince”. He maintained the
relationship for most of his life and was extremely ambivalent about
her. She was constantly meddling. She became an albatross for Wright.
Frank was an incredible grandiose narcissist–highly talented but
irresponsible, cruel, unempathic,and outrageous.

narcissistic mother creates a false self of her son. She decides who he
is and will become. If he is the golden child, he can do no wrong, does
not develop a conscience, takes advantage of others, is merciless and
cruel to others, treats even his family like dirt. These mothers
emasculate their sons who end up having highly pathological
relationships with women. They truly hate women even through they may be
great flirts and womanizers.

Avoid marrying the
narcissistic son of a narcissistic mother. You will be grateful that you
have learned to recognize a narcissist. To learn about every facet of
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