High Level Narcissists – Their Insatiable Greed and Manipulations

Human greed has been with us for tens of thousands of years. Greed is one of the great sins – the relentless pursuit of money, properties, luxurious possessions and the dark manipulations that are part of this game of pursuing more.  In society there are high level narcissists throughout history who have based the purpose of their existence on how much they could acquire and control. This is at the core of their being day and night.

Greedy high level narcissists are highly manipulative. With their obsessive need for more they plot and plan how they will exploit others, including  their spouses, ex-spouses, relatives, children, “friends” business associates.  Everyone presents an opportunity for the high level to use others to keep their ego fully inflated.

When the high level’s greed leads to tremendous financial success, this individual feels special and over entitled. He looks down on those who have not achieved his level of success. At the same time he burns with envy at those who have more money, wield raw power and material acquisitions. He watches every move of those who have become multi billionaires and is  enraged that they are climbing with such speed up the summits of extraordinary wealth. This motivates them to push harder each day, each hour. The high level plots his moves, finding devious ways he/she can take advantage of others who are more vulnerable whom he can manipulate and will bend to his will.

Greed is a primary driver for many high level aggressive narcissists.

Male and female high level narcissists pursue partners and prospective spouses who are well connected socioeconmically.  Heirs and heiresses are among their favorites. This is the perfect partner for one of these high stepping, wealth obsessed high level narcissists. They do deep research to find the precise individuals who can fit their specifications. This person must be very attractive, well educated, come from a family of wealth and high level social connections.

High level greedy narcissists are “gifted” at finding their way into these privileged circles.

Often attractive and handsome with magnetic charm, they engages the individuals on their A list of possible conquests. The high level knows exactly how to play people, make them feel unique and special, cater to their interests, passions, wishes and what make them tick. They know exactly how to flatter you with their words and charming non-verbals: riveting eye contact, appearing to be fascinated by everything you say and do. These are award winning method actor performances.

Many are enraptured by the high level narcissist and captivated they partner with and marry, these high climbers. Some time the partner has no idea that he or she is being manipulated and exploited. The narcissistic partner insists on using your assets and properties to finance their excursions into business deals. For the narcissistic personality what belongs to you is theirs. This financial arrangement can go on for many years. The exploitation is nonstop. When the greedy high level narcissist has acquired enough money is tired of the current spouse, he or she moves on to the next money making source.  It’s like gold prospecting. You strike gold, mine it out and then move on to the next possible gold rush. For the high level narcissist you are a commodity and resource that makes him very rich. You are interchangeable with others. If you don’t bring it forward he will easily find someone else. For the high level greedy narcissist,  everyone is expendable.

High level narcissists steal creative concepts and fully completed project if they think they can get away with it.  It isn’t a conscience that stops them, it is a cool calculation about whether they would be exposed and found out.  Otherwise straight ahead they move without a twinge of conscience.

If you are partnered or married to a greedy high level narcissist there is a time of reckoning of becoming awakened to the true nature of the narcissistic personality. You can no longer be exposed to their psychological and moral toxicity. You are exhausted from their taking advantage of you, financially, psychologically, emotionally, creatively and spiritually.

You stand firmly grounded on your individual wisdom and insight. Now you move forward along the pathways of the healing and restorative parasympathetic of self – care,  the fruits of your unique creativity, the beauty of your self expression, spontaneity, solitude of inner peace.  Give yourself tremendous credit for this journey you are making.  And always listen to your intuition, a divine gift.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.