Toxic Narcissistic Couples—Sever these Relationships

When two high level narcissists become a couple and join forces they increase their power among those who are vulnerable to their many seductions. Narcissists don’t have relationships—they make deals that will create lucrative connections. They plot their rise to power. They have no mental limitations to their goals. They don’t have the burden of conscience or compassion to slow down their progress. Their “show” always goes on despite the psychological pain, angst, even emotional collapse they have caused family members, including their own children. They don’t carry within them the empathy, which would take up their valuable time. They have perfected a pseudo empathy which is believable. They use this act successfully with those in their inner circle from whom they extract more narcissistic supplies.

Many narcissistic power couples hate one another’s guts. Behind closed doors they battle and bruise one another. When it’s show time, they put on the elaborate makeup and costumes of their irresistible personas. They are masterful at interacting with people who will be highly impressed with them, to the point of becoming followers and members of their many social/business circles.

Learn to identify narcissistic couples quickly. Protect yourself from their allure and empty promises. Sever these pseudo relationships. They are psychologically toxic. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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