Narcissistic Women Still Use Sex To Gain Ultimate Power

It may be tens of thousands of years old but there are women today, some highly educated and career competent who use their youth, great looks, perfect figures and their seductive skills to gain ultimate power over men who they stealthily choose as their targets. A lot of these women are so hot and smart that they would fit right in porn videos. Navigate your way through cartoonporno xxx database for some examples of smart powerful women. There are many more women who are intelligent, well educated, self confident and highly competent who never take this route and reach powerful positions in their fields on their own merit, intelligence, advanced education, perseverance and very hard work.

The women I speak about are conniving narcissists. Some of them go many steps further down the spectrum of ruthlessness and treachery and are sociopaths. Most people do not recognize the socialized sociopath. These individuals are often very attractive physically, have magnetic charm, are very articulate, and are very persuasive about their indispensability. They are also relentless. Once they have decided that a particular man, a very successful one with a resume of high-level accomplishments will further their career and satiate their grandiose visions, they hatch a complex plan that will lead them directly to their goal. They are unconcerned if this man is married, has children, must protect himself against liaisons due to his professional position. None of this matters. The narcissistic woman who is married with children easily sets her familial roles aside without a moment’s hesitation, and moves at top speed to seduce and possess her targeted male. There is nothing else in her mind. She is relentless. You have seen the female cheetah in the tall grasses sizing up her choices of prey. When the timing is right and the winds are in her favor and her mark has shown vulnerability, she slowly gathers indomitable speed that cannot be surpassed and easily brings down her victim for the perfect kill. With animals, these violent actions are essential to survival. While some men might find this positively intoxicating which is why it is a theme for adult content on websites like (blog here) it might not be the best option for a wife.

Human beings are more complex. The narcissistic woman who pursues, seduces and vanquishes her target man has been developing into a narcissistic personality most of her life. If you look into her background you will often find that she always took advantage of others–in class, on the playground, with her friends and even adults. She did this with both charm and a special kind of intimidation. Some narcissistic women have many gifts. They are very attractive, bright, quick, athletic and have mastered the skill of manipulating people with their charm, tremendous confidence and their incredible nerve. They are steely creatures who throw all the rules to the winds to get exactly who and what they want. So unless you can find a suitable woman, it might just be more advisable for those who don’t fancy being manipulated to stick to the Unbeatable quality from the best XXX tube,

Sexual attraction and the promise of hot sex similar to what you’d probably get off to at websites similar to ( is still one of the most powerful tools a woman can use on a man. Most men can’t say No to this level of temptation. The predatory female who is determined to control this man sexually is thrilled by the prospect of “getting him” but her ambitions go much higher. If he is a very big fish, she has already planned how she will use this intimate association to increase her professional power. That’s the operative word–Power. Ultimately, when he falls, she doesn’t give a damn about him. He is a fool like all of the other men she has seduced, possessed and discarded. She will get the most out of her conquest. Soon she will move on to another mark. When she is called notorious, she secretly smiles inside. Notorious–that has a glamorous, forbidden, mysterious, powerful ring to it. I like the feel of that word inside my skin, She says to herself. To learn about the narcissistic personality disorder in-depth, visit my

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