Sociopathic Narcissists-Psychological and Emotional Batterers

The sociopathic narcissist is predictably unpredictable. If you become engaged closely with this person you are in for a wild ride. This personality disorder uses all of his/her power to take over your life. He is the master of manipulation. Once you are under his/her control it is difficult to use your free will and make your own decisions. The sociopathic narcissist moves back and forth between a dynamic magnetism and a dark volcanic rage, intimidation and threats. Just when you think you’re having a lovely conversation with Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde creeps out of the shadows. He are startled by his presence, waiting for a show to drop or be thrown. These shifts remind me of the genius of Alfred Hitchcock films. He builds you to maximum suspense and terror. You’re hiding behind your eyes, your nerves are stretched, your gut is roiling. When you think the shower curtain will open, the body will fall, the birds will rip flesh to a bloody pulp, the master of suspense waits just long enough for you to let down——and then he pounces. Left off guard, you scream—that’s exactly what Hitchcock has programmed you to do. It’s one thing to have this as a movie experience on a Saturday night and another to be victimized by the Jekyll/Hyde treatment every day of your life. Sociopathic narcissists are psychological and emotional batterers. They have neither conscience nor mercy. You are either their puppet or they will find a way to disown, discard or even destroy you. Protect yourself by learning everything you can about their true nature and taking the steps to protect yourself.

First wake up and stay awake—this individual is a severe personality disorder who is not going to change—ever!!! As charming, pseudo empathic and convincing as they are, watch for their slimy underside—the shadow of an individual who purposely causes financial, emotional, psychological and even physical/health issues to others—especially spouses, ex-spouses, children, siblings. Use your powers of intuition and keen observation to recognize the sociopathic narcissist before you become ensnared by one. Walk right past the charm and empty promises, the irresistible persona, the dynamic vibration. If it looks too good to be true, it is. You will be getting constant cues about the true nature of this individual. Stay grounded within yourself. Maintain your personal power and honor your psychological boundaries. Pay attention to subliminal messages that are coming from the sociopathic narcissist. Steep yourself in solid information about the narcissistic personality disorder. Visit my website:

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