Follow Your Vision-Not Your Narcissistic Parent

Some children know from the time that they are very young that their mother and/or and father does not have their best interests at heart. They have a prevailing feeling of dread, not being wanted, hypervigilence, fear, chronic distress, worthlessness, emptiness, always wishing and needing what never comes to them, a longing deep in the heart for someone who will hold them close, look in their eyes and say “I love you.”

The narcissistic parent use his/her children like commodities that are valuable or worthless to him/her. If you are the chosen one, the parent fixates on you obsessively—telling you about your specialness, your superiority, your intelligence saying:”You are better than all the rest, even my other children. Don’t tell them; that is between the two of us.” “I have always dreamed to have a child like you. You are going to be a powerful person who will succeed to the very top. You are brilliant and talented. I will always be here for you every step of the way.” This is the narcissist’s parent dream and vision of her child. She has put herself in the place of a god who will determine exactly how this special child will fulfill all of her needs, fantasies and high ambitions. All of her energy goes into making this happen. She neglects and abuses her other children. Her husband is a fixture, a non-person. Instead of growing in a natural direction that is real and authentic, this “privileged” child is being molded in every way to meet the narcissistic parent’s expectations. The parent lives through this child and in some cases has no other life of her own.

If you are not the chosen child you have had a very difficult time under the power of the narcissistic parent who is a tyrant. You are neglected, abused , dismissed, treated as unworthy. You are constantly found wanting in comparison to the perfect chosen child. You always come up short regardless of your many accomplishments, talents. Your empathy and humanity and compassion are considered weak and insignificant by the narcissistic parent. Victory—winning—vanquishing others, outwitting competitors–these are the traits that are revered in the narcissistic family. Forget conscience; it gets in the way of being first at the finish line. Caring deeply about others is an impediment, a waste of time and energy. These are the cold, cynical messages of the narcissistic household.

Some children who are discarded by their narcissistic parent, despite all of the obstacles and abuse, keep the flame of their individuality alive and their vision clear. They have a fierce persistence deep within them that says: “I am not my parent. I am different. I will not give in; I will not give up. I will keep going.” Your creative vision develops with you from the time of your birth. It begins with your uniqueness as individual—–mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. As you acknowledge this to yourself and manifest it in the way you lead your life, your vision will grow, deepen, become richer. Your vision is singular to you and at the same time it is universal. Share your vision with the world. Visit my website:

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