Socialized Sociopaths in High Places

Socialized sociopaths are often exceedingly successful in the world and wield great raw power, have many admirers and loyal sycophants.  They have social and business contacts that are worthy of envy. (This post refers to male and female socialized sociopaths).

Socialized sociopaths draw psychological and emotional blood from their victims, leaving them mortally wounded. Without conscience or empathy, they commit numerous crimes throughout their lives and never get caught. (Don’t wait for karma to catch up with them).

Socialized sociopaths often have a high intelligence and a fine formal education.  From a young age the socialized sociopath knows he is superior to everyone: parents, siblings, friends.  The world and every individual is at their disposal.  People exist to provide them with whatever they want. When you have a “relationship” with a socialized sociopath, you are not in charge. These individuals are constantly projecting their venom on you, using cruel manipulations and deceits, using the ultimate weapon—Treacheries that destroy the lives of others.

With the sociopathic style taking over much of our world today and becoming fully acceptable with their excessive self indulgences, extreme self absorption, image obsession, projections of cold, dark disdain for those outside of their magical, delusional bubble, it has become smooth and easy for the socialized sociopath to move in and out of any social environment, undetected as a psychologically dangerous human being.

Socialized sociopaths are running our prestigious international corporations.  Some members of government fit this definition. There are so many venues where the socialized sociopath thrives: churches, spiritual growth programs, media, global finance, the healing professions. No one wants to speak too openly about socialized sociopaths in high places lest they be questioned and criticized.  When you observe the destruction that these individuals wreak it is shocking  and frightening but time to Wake Up!

Many people have a problem believing that a highly esteemed individual with great prestige and power, commanding respect and deference, could be so predatory and destructive to others.

Family members of socialized sociopaths are often unaware of the emotional and psychological criminality perpetrated in their private lives. The suffering they cause is monumental. As they lead privileged lives, they maintain their Deal with the Devil that remains intact.

Victims of socialized sociopaths–children, spouses, ex-spouses, siblings, business partners, tell horrific stories of their imprisonments at the hands of these merciless individuals. They spend their days in terror, apprehension, always waiting to see when and how they will be punished. Many victims remain in captivity–continuing to blame themselves for the evil perpetrated by the socialized sociopath. When we view them in terms of the horrors that they create, the word “socialized” begins to fade.

Those who free themselves from these vipers never look back. They come to love and understand the true self inside of them that has been waiting so long to move forward.  There is no perfect time to leave. Gather your strength, learn everything you can about their true nature, trust your intuition, take care of your physical health, turn to individuals whom you can trust for support and comfort, listen to the wisdom of your heart and soul.  Soar!

5 thoughts on “Socialized Sociopaths in High Places”

  1. everyday I think about the destruction and pain through out history caused by people who have no empathy, today it is no different. I am overwhelmed by their cold, calculated cruelty. I cannot understand how the vast majority of humanity who have empathy, reject cruelty and yet allow, support and enable these sociopathic, narcissist people to rule.

  2. what hurts most is to see your children so psychologically damaged from these criminals and yet the criminal looks great to all on the exterior while you’ve been slowly and subtly put in a hole in your childrens eyes. Your own children really don’t know you. And I’m wonderful and healthy but anything I will or would say or do with or for my children will be slaughtered in some way to in turn make me look like the BAD or SICK parent. When the narcissist grabs hold of your childs psyche-good luck trying to help them or be in their life. It won’t happen. The pain is immense when you know you were healthily there for them but shunned in an unexplainable fashion post divorce. I understand why my child/children are the way they are and relate as they do with me, yet, they have no clue its just plain wrong/sick. Hurts bad-so demeaning. It’s not their fault. I tried everything to protect them. the narcissist had nothing to do with us until the divorce-then it was him scrambling to know, own and control the children while continually sabotaging any good I did or would do. It was like I was dead or didn’t exist and will be that way fro more decades to come, I believe. My faith sustains me. It feels the only answer is to let your grown children go……..and get away because they are violated too from years of conditioning. And then just pray. Hurts terribly. I was told tell no one of all the sabotage and distortions as no one will believe you. I know that! Inexplicable games of power, control, deceit, lies, manipulations…….powerful and destructive. The web is beyond fascinating when you see it. I’ve seen it for decades and can now nearly predict outcomes. I always shared the massive underpinings with friends and that kept me sane as they are healthy too and found it beyond belief how incredibly contrived HE IS. That’s why I now believe, I need to let go and lose my children from ever really knowing me or loving me healthily as I do them but ………… they’ve been denied.

  3. Im not sure what I feel for 16 yrs I blamed myself he lied from day one i was a 7 yr mistress that he denied daily saying I was nuts. He was funny & smart has a phd in chemistry a pharmacist and several patent pending’s owns his own business & he seemed grounded and made me believe he was my soulmate & best friend as I told him all my pains ect . Omg he turned into a mental & physical abuser to mutilate me psychologically . He put me in jail DV charge for control because I said I was leaving him. He has drugged me and took my career from me as i once was doing anti aging cosmetics and he owns a private label homeopathic business . I see how he took all my freedoms away he controls everything . He lies about everything I don’t say anything because he goes nuts and denies and lies even about me to people . I left once and he made false accusations – stating I stole corperation secrets and $ which was untrue. He talked me into going back said he changed omg that was 5 yes ago I’m scared and want out but he has all the power n people behind him what will he do this time ??? I’m scared

  4. That was an excellent post. And Kathy’s response was also on point. I know a socialized sociopath. My older brother. There are times I even feel guilty for the way I am judging him. I think perhaps I am wrong and everyone else is right. That is because most everyone else thinks he is a perfect Christian man. Until he has a chance at family gatherings to talk with me alone. Then he would turn on his spite and leave me crying each time. No mercy, no love and no empathy at all.

    I once had the thought that if he can treat his own sister the way he does, somewhere, some how, there must be someone else he has abused and ridiculed. There must be other bruised and battered people left on his path. Surely he has kicked someone off the ladder while climbing to the top on his imaginary pedestal. Surely there is someone else that wishes they had the courage to shake that ladder from the ground and bring him down a step or two. Yet, those kind of wishes are short lived in the heart of a person like me. While not perfect in, I could not bring myself to seek revenge. Maybe that’s a lesson the scapegoat learns in life through the harassment from socialized sociopath.Don’t sink to their level. They can live with themselves. A decent person can’t because we feel normal guilt when we hurt others.

    It was tough growing up around him. I was a petite girl and he was tall and strong. He would hit, pinch, criticize and intimidate. But it was the psychological abuse that was outrageous. I remember as young as age 3 flashes of being afraid of him. Each time Mom and Dads backs were turned. Or they were gone leaving me under his care. No matter what, they sided with him. Anytime I told my parents he was hurting me he was able to make me out a liar. No amount of bleeding or bruises helped my case. So resentment grew my whole childhood. He still tries to make me feel like the “loser” in the family and he still sits on the pedestal.

    But something has changed in me now. It’s been a year since he has been nasty to me. All because I was able to shove some truth in his face he could not deny. We were at a family dinner after my dear grandmothers funeral. My grandmother and I were very close and had many things in common. She was the only one in the family that would actually protect me. He knew this. So it wasn’t a good day to start messing with me. He followed me outside because he saw me sitting alone just to get fresh air. He was kind at first. Saying he was sorry and he knew how close Granny and I were. I relaxed. It didn’t last long of course.

    He didn’t criticize me this time. No. He went after my kids instead. My son and daughter are hardworking people with a beautiful families. I raised them alone after a divorce. They were well taken care of and tuned out fine. Yet, my brother proceeds to cut them down on anything he can find. After all, why no go after my kids now that Granny was no longer around to protect me? I’m not sure what it was that happened next. Perhaps the strong merciful spirit of my grandmother came over me. The pain of losing her and what she would have said to him had he done it to her. How would she react?

    She would set him straight. She would remind him of the bible verses that supports being kind. Then she would demand apologies and would never tolerate it again without punishment. And on that sad day of her burial, a power came over me that said No More! But no screaming, no fighting. Just my gentle words as follows, “Brother, I am surprised you would be so critical of my kids. You expect them to do as you do, yet you were never around when they were growing up. You were welcome to make amends with me. I even offered a few times. Not once have you softened. My children are good people. They have nothing to be ashamed of. But you should be ashamed.”

    And with that, he has let me be a peace for a while. I hope it last but I won’t get my hopes up.

  5. RUN AS FAR AND FAST AS YOU CAN AND DONT LOOK BACK! Need to let go of all the people who knew or know of him cuz he WILL win at all costs. It’s beyond what most people could ever comprehend. Terribly lonely for their victims. RUN!

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