Seductive Narcissistic Women—Tearing Families Apart

Narcissistic women are always in overdrive. They know exactly what they want and go after it. Once they have revved up their engines, they are unstoppable. They have neither shame nor conscience. They are master connivers and play multiple games at once. They pit one family member against another. One of their favorite schemes s to seduce a brother-in-law. They will betray their own sister to get a man whom they think is hot. Many women have a sexual edge over men. , including married men. In fact for the seductive narcissistic woman, this is even more exciting and intriguing. What a thrill to take and possess your sister’s husband. Doing what is forbidden gives these women a sexual and psychological boost. It makes them feel even more invincible. Besides if they have always envied a sister and want revenge, this is one of the best ways of getting it.

There are so many different devious plans of action. These women know how to plot and when to be spontaneous— when to flirt and when to pull back—when to play the “I need your help” role with the brother-n-law and when to use her sexuality to clinch the deal. Have you ever seen one of these women work a room? They know which men are the hungriest for them, whom they will avoid, who is a prospect and who is the man of the hour that they will seduce on the spot.

These days there are a lot of seductive narcissistic women, married and unmarried who are looking for action.
They have no compunctions about having an affair with your man and disrupting your marriage and family. I have seen women of this kind move in on a married man, hypnotize and seduce him and convince him to leave his wife and children. In some cases the husband is an excellent catch. The couple has been married for a while and this gorgeous seductive narcissistic woman looks too irresistible to this guy. He is willing to throw everything away for her. That’s how determined narcissistic women are. Another common scenario is the my best female friend seduced my husband routine. This occurs quite often. The narcissistic women maintains the “friendship” with the wife while she is carrying on an affair with her husband. These life stories do not have happy endings.

To protect yourself from SNW study the narcissistic personality. Be observant and use your intuition to recognize these conniving, cunning women quickly. Sometimes you have to let them know directly that your husband is off limits, period. If you maintain a close loving relationship with your spouse this is much less likely to happen. However, never underestimate the power of these harridans over men. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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