Returning to a Narcissist? Choose Wisdom over a Child’s Wishes

You have been there so many times—the irresistible charm, being impressed with professional status, physical attraction, extravagant promises, a new life vision, unlimited possibilities, a wonderful powerful person with whom to share your life.

It is so tempting, remembering the peak times, the emotional highs, putting the ugliness in the background—forgetting chronic rages, demands for perfection, the wearing down and grinding down to exhaustion, the 24/7 demands, the deceits and betrayals, the bombardment of lies.

Much of the reason to return to narcissists lies in the unfulfilled needs and wishes of childhood of the narcissist’s victims.These needs and wishes are often forgotten or lie in the recesses of the unconscious. Some victims strongly feel that they don’t deserve to be treated with respect as a separate individual. They were never loved, accepted, experienced parental warmth. In some instances their parents were narcissists. Many of those who return to the narcissist are repeating this destructive childhood pattern.

No one person or persons can satisfy or respond perfectly to them. Eventually, many do the hard work of recognizing, accepting and repairing the psychological and emotional damage. As a result we are free from parental conditioning and become independent from the family of origin.
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