Protect Yourself from Narcissist’s Malicious Projections

It is remarkable how often narcissists project their filthy venom on to others (Except those they are grooming to become part of their cult of personality and power). If you already know that an individual is a narcissist, protect yourself in advance. One of the first rules is not to be alone with them—that’s when they go deeply cruel and dirty. They feel that they have you cornered and they pin you with a stealth attack. You feel it coming out of no where and say to yourself: “What the hell was that?” You think to yourself and wonder if you actually heard what this person was saying. Narcissists making these malevolent moves are over the top so steer clear of being with them, especially solo. If you know you will be in their presence, prepare ahead of time. Remind yourself of their specific psychopathology. They may be you sibling, in-law, parent, etc.—but above all they are a narcissistic personality disorder and their character profile in not going to change—ever. Do not blame yourself. These ugly projections are actually unconscious psychological material that they cannot contain themselves and are throwing your way. Learn how to practice detachment. One of the ways of becoming more detached is through some form of quieting the mind. Meditation offers us many opportunities for calming the mind. Find of way of calming yourself and your mind that works for you. This provides us with the capacity to have a more balanced perspective and not to overreact to someone else’s drama. Always remind yourself that you deserve respect and consideration as an individual. Give yourself a lot of credit for learning about the narcissistic personality. Visit my

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