Narcissists Steal Your Creative Ideas

Narcissists are ravenous for new ideas and visions. If they can’t conjure up one themselves, they will steal yours. They become intrigued with you if you have talent. With their charm and believable facade they convince you that you are fated to become an integral part of their corporate team. .

They cascade you with compliments. They treat you like royalty. It is dizzying and most people are fooled by this full court charm and adoration offensive. You start to trust them and share you creative plans with them. They convince you there is no need for formal contracts. After all you are now close friends and confidants and can trust one another implicitly. Your designs, apps, book concepts, etc. are laid out in full detail. The project is moving forward. Then there are some glitches. You can’t get a hold of your friend and business partner. He has disappeared. Some time later you discover that your creative concepts have been commandeered and now have his label on them. You don’t have the funds to fight him legally.He has betrayed you. Despite the pain of all of this and the economic loss, remember you have a unique creativity that is boundless. The lesson here is to always protect yourself, especially when you are dealing with a narcissist. Your intuitions will keep messaging you about this person. Pay attention. Make sure everything is in writing. If you don’t have to do business with a narcissist, don’t. If it is necessary, protect yourself legally at every step of the way. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my website: the

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