Narcissist’s Outrageous Self Entitlement

“The narcissist has an incredible sense of self-entitlement. Everything is about him and belongs to him. He smoothly oversteps the personal boundaries of others, mistreating, devaluing, and humiliating them to bend them to his will and his desires.” (From: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life).  (This post refers to male and female narcissists.)

The narcissistic ego is so vast it cannot be measured. The narcissist must always keep his/her ego inflated at all times. He is always collecting narcissistic supplies in the form of adulation, praise even adoration from others. The narcissist feels completely entitled to disrupt and in some cases destroy the lives of others so that his needs and desires are met. Along with the extreme self entitlement is an unrelenting ruthlessness. If you are between a narcissist and his goal, even if you are his spouse or child—be prepared for this person to overrun you to get to where he deserves to be. The narcissist looks down on everyone and exploits people all of his life. For many narcissists life is all about money and power. Getting more and giving less is his motto. With his children, the narcissist is a dreadful parent. He or she may choose one standout child that is attractive, gifted and extroverted to become his clone. This is the prized one; the other children are treated like unpaid help. They don’t exist except to serve the narcissist.

The narcissist thinks nothing about a real marriage. He doesn’t have a marriage; it is a business deal. What’s in it for me? Many narcissists, male and female, purposely marry someone who is on their way up professionally or who comes from a family of wealth or who are (in the case of narcissistic women) decades older than they are and can be used to extract money and a great lifestyle out of their partner. Meanwhile they lead a secret life or several secret lives. This is thrilling to the narcissist who is living on the edge of great excitement. He or she is wanted by so many–This is proof of their perfection and greatness.

If you have a narcissistic spouse and recognize these personality characteristics along with a complete lack of empathy, exploitation, humiliations, ruthlessness, cruel controlling behaviors toward you, there are several directions you can take. Some spouses stay in the “relationship” because they feel secure in the material lifestyle and are afraid to be on their own. Others choose to sever the marriage and get a divorce and re-start their lives. Many have done this and report that after the duress of their divorce, they are making consistent steps toward turning their lives around. They are growing their creative gifts, making their decisions freely, determining their own futures.


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  1. I am the mother of a 26 year old Narcissist son. He is getting worse by the day. He is isolating my granddaughter from me, refuses to let me see her because he says I don’t take good care of her. He is making it so that he is the only one in her life. He mom is off on her own and making poor decisions and is not able to raise my granddaughter. That just leaves my son. He is All Powerful, All Knowing! And you mush abide by HIS rules or else!!! When I tried to tell him he needs help mentally, he told me “They” were through with me and that I couldn’t see my granddaughter anymore. Now he lets me see her once in a great while and only when he is present also. I cannot have any alone time with her. He is emotionally abusing her. She told me something is wrong with her daddy. She asked me what is was? Boy that was a hard one. She doesn’t understand why he won’t allow her to see me. It is both killing her and myself inside. I fear for her little sanity. She is a diabetic on top of all of this. She is an emotional little girl who’s daddy is driving her to the breaking point.

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