Narcissistic New Age Teachers-Psychologically Dangerous

Those in emotional and psychological crises are desperate to ease their pain. They feel abandoned, lack energy and motivation, can’t sleep at night, are constantly ruminating about their failed relationships and losses.

Many of those who are struggling reach out to purveyors of the philosophies of the New Age. These starts of the various “awareness” movements are tremendous entertainers and masterful actors. A large number of them are narcissistic personality disorders who are not at all interested in helping to ease the pain or life circumstances of another. They are driven to make large amounts of money, to gain tremendous fame and to be sought after all over the world for their “words of wisdom and truth.” There is a plethora of narcissistic teachers who are doing this and have become very successful at the game. They fool even the most sophisticated. They magnetize individuals to them personally and sell their non-ending high priced programs, retreats, seminars, classes, etc. They keep people on the string until they run out of money. Then they seek new victims to whom they can impart the truth. Some narcissistic teachers are well educated and exceedlingly smooth at their game. Watch them perform—they are so smooth–you feel their vibration–It is powerful. They tell you that you can change in an instant and do anything you choose NOW. That is one of the key words that they use.

Always follow the money and look at the private lives of these narcissistic vipers. They are greedy and they keep bringing people back into their circle. The more desperate you are the better it is for them. They don’t give a damn about you. Another foolish person will come along and join their parade.

To protect yourself, read about the narcissistic personality in-depth and remember, if it’s too good to be true it is often rotten at the core. Visit my

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