Narcissistic Gurus–Malicious-Venal-Seductive

There were always narcissistic mentors who took full advantage of the pain and suffering of others. Many of these narcissists arrive on the scene with the highest credentials. Others create themselves out of their manic self beliefs of superiority and their abilities to influence and control prospective followers who become their victims. Most of the current society today accepts and even adulates these individuals. Superlative salesmen, they exact tremendous sums of money from individuals who are having serious problems. They have no expertise or understanding about serious psychological issues (nor do they care a whit). As a result they often cause incredible emotional and personal damage to their victims.

Narcissistic gurus are gifted performers that persuade you to believe in the delusion that they are selling. They project tremendous psychic energy and pseudo passion that cause a group contagion nearing worship. These gurus extract enormous sums of money from corporations and individuals for their services.

They cross over the personal boundaries of those who are the most desperate and have no support system. Helplessness and severe personal crisis combined with the victim’s ability to pay outrageous fees is the perfect equation for the narcissistic guru to step in and perform “his/her magic.”

Once the individual has psychologically fused with the NG these individuals are counting the money coming into the coffers, keeping the victim on the string, using masterful manipulative techniques that include praise and intimidation plays. NGs escalate and enlarge their following by having their underlings sign up more prospective victims. Those who have been psychologically damaged are left in a state of confusion, fear and self-doubt. They often blame themselves, believing that they cannot achieve what the guru is demanding of them.

Some victims of NGs reach a crisis and recognize that they can’t continue a pattern that is causing continued distress and psychological pain. They finally listen to their intuition which has been making many efforts to protect them. They research narcissistic personality disorders and realize that they have been victims. Holding the truth of the real nature of the NG they now move forward to sever the relationship and separate out as individuals. They can now be the authors of their own lives and are finally free to be themselves on every level. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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