Covert Narcissistic Spouses Max Out Stress Levels

Covert narcissists are a rare breed whom most people believe are fine human beings. While they are showing their spiritual bonafides and everyone is buying their story and heaping on praise, you are married to this impossible person. Very few outside of the family home ever find out how psychologically toxic the covert narcissist is.

Spouses are victims of narcissistic abuse–veiled threats to ruin your reputation, constant put downs and stunning humiliations, being told that you are at fault (when it is the narcissist who has made egregious mistakes), bout after bout of Vesuvian narcissistic rage. Some spouses feel that they deserve this horrendous treatment because they think little of themselves. They have been emotionally pummeled all of their lives and don’t know the difference.

Others know that the marriage is a travesty, that they are suffering from serious symptoms of stress–They are maxed out with chronic headaches, free floating anxiety, hyper-vigilance, insomnia, intestinal discomforts and obsessive self doubt and lack of confidence. The narcissist may even berate them as weak for trying to seek help, whether that be through a support group, medication or even growing their own remedies (

Not only has this had an effect on your marriage, but if you allow it to continue, it won’t be long until it can have a bigger, overall impact on your general health and well-being. The symptoms of some of the physical and mental consequences can be relieved by something similar to these CBD products, they may even help one feel like themselves again. But to get the best help is to try and cut the problem from the source and realize that nobody can live like this and change is needed.

Fortunately, many of these victims finally acknowledge to themselves that they can no longer live in these dreadful, life-draining circumstances. They want their psychological and physical health back and their stamina and finally, to return to themselves, their lives, their creative gifts, solitude and a promise of peace.

Many sufferers of the covert narcissist study the literature and discover that they have been married to one of these severe personality disorders. Some are helped by quality psychotherapy, support groups and friends who are supportive and available at all times. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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