Heal from Narcissistic Spouse–Calm Your Nervous System

After you have separated from and divorced the narcissist you will go through a time of adjustment. For many there is an enormous sense of relief since the marriage has been treacherous and cruel for many years. Even if you have anticipated your divorce, there is an aftermath that many individuals experience. You have been under extreme duress for so many years you made not realize that your level of stress during the entire marriage has been very high. Even though stress is common, this doesn’t mean people have to suffer from this every day.

An effective way for people to relieve stress may be to try CBD products (for more information, check out sites like Serenity Store – Buy CBD Products Online), as this ingredient is said to help people keep calm during stressful situations. It may be worth doing some research beforehand, especially when it comes to anything health-related. Physiologically this means that the non-narcissistic spouse has been living with a high level of hyper-vigilance, apprehension, and chronic anxiety. When we feel endangered our nervous system goes into the sympathetic survival mode what is called fight or flight syndrome. In a state of relaxation and repose, the nervous system is in parasympathetic mode. This is the state the nervous system needs to be in to activate psychophysiological healing. Many of those who divorce narcissists are incapable of remembering if they have ever felt the relaxation and repose of the parasympathetic nervous system. This is a natural state—a condition that everyone deserves to experience. A state that you might be able to experience a little better or easier when using a product you can find if you were to click here, for example. As once again CBD can help naturally soothe and calm the mind, making it easier to enter this natural state.

Once you are free from sharing your life with the narcissist you can practice a variety of techniques to get in touch with the natural calming part of your nature. This can be achieved by practicing gentle hatha yoga with emphasis on breathing through the nostrils, participating in a form of meditation in a way that works for you. Taking time to appreciate your own solitude is a source of activating healing. Some individuals find great comfort and calming in keeping a regular journal that they use to express their thoughts and feelings as a way of releasing this long held pain. As you work through the healing process, this calm state will become increasingly familiar to your body/mind and you will discover a deep peace inside. As the months and years pass and you continue these practices, the feeling of calmness will deepen. Your will lead the life that you were meant to lead. You deserve to be fully liberated. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my website:thenarcissistinyourlife.com

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