Gall and Hubris–Ugly Core of Narcissistic Personality

Gall and hubris have a lot in common. They are despicable human traits found within the narcissistic personality, especially the classic grandiose narcissist.

Gall is defined as a “brazen boldness.” Hubris, which sounds much like its meaning, is an “unacceptable arrogance” accompanied by behavior that is hurtful and insulting  to others. Narcissists think nothing of these traits since this is an intrinsic part of them. These attributes combined with a lack of conscience or empathy describe a human being who moves through his/her life doing whatever they want by manipulations, deceptions, chronic lying, endless humiliation, psychological sabotage, exploitation and the infliction of terror and fear.

There are many adult children who grow up with narcissistic mothers, fathers or siblings who live in the war zone created by the narcissist–the Queen/King of Gall and Hubris. This world is filled with hidden dangerous mines and booby-traps that can be set off any moment. When you grow up with a narcissist you live in fight or flight mode, always wondering and dreading when the next horrid shoe is going to drop. Tiptoeing through life on a tightrope with no net is a waking nightmare. Those who are married to narcissists are also members of this circle of pain.

The gall and hubris of the narcissist has a relentless quality. These individuals will not stop hurting those whom they perceive as standing in their way.

Today we are experiencing an epidemic growth of the narcissistic personality in every venue of life. Look far and wide–in the culture, corporate climate, social milieu–we are surrounded by narcissists. Learn how to recognize them quickly. If you can get them out of your life, do it. If not, study this personality in detail so that you understand their tactics, uncover their many masks and know their dirty tricks and games. You can become very savvy about them.

Those who grew up with narcissistic mothers, fathers, siblings or are married to narcissists deserve to begin the process of healing from them. This is a different pathway you are taking in your life. Once you have made the decision and know that you will no longer be a part of their psychopathology your healing has begun. They will try to draw you back in with many enticements.

Put your healing and self care first. You will bring individuals into your life who will help you with this process. It is complex and can involve high quality psychotherapy (Make sure the therapist you have chosen is not a narcissist.) Develop a regular healing practice through gentle hatha yoga, guided meditation, exercise that works for you, using your creativity and all activities that lead you into the parasympathetic nervous system—the zone of rest, solace, security and repose—where you belong.

I know you can go the distance on this new path of healing and a gathering peace.


12 thoughts on “Gall and Hubris–Ugly Core of Narcissistic Personality”

  1. This couldn’t help but remind me of some of the personalities who instigated our invasion of Iraq. And now, rather than at least acting chastened enough to not seek the limelight, they brazenly go on TV and pontificate blaming their actions on anyone but themselves and clearly still see themselves as great and important oracles who should be commanding armies and nations. Unbelievable ego. Narcissism on a national stage with jaw dropping shamelessness for all to behold.

  2. Comment: From Ann
    Thank you for such an insightful article. I am extricating myself from a N sister. Your articles are very timely. When I feel weakened by her persuasiveness, suddenly I will open my email at exactly the right time to be gently reminded that “red flags do NOT change their color!” Many thanks.

  3. Comment: From Tk
    I’d rather have those leaders in control now, than the spineless weak malignant narcissists we have in now. We are not one bit protected or safe , inside out borders or outside. Appalling show of malignant narcissism in control now. Now, let’s not use a place of healing to vent our political opinions anymore, ok?

  4. Comment: From Kim
    Well, if the narcissists are everywhere around us, is there a list of say, 5 or 6 key questions we could ask someone, that would effectively tip their hand, and reveal them as such?

  5. Comment: From Denise
    ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Maya Angelou
    I wish I knew this quote a long time ago and had the knowledge of what and who narcissists are. And the only ‘cure’ is to run as fast, and as far from them as you can.

  6. Hey KC, what do you say now that evem the media are admitting Iraq did indeed have weapons of mass destruction. This is a site for people healing from real pain for dealing with a person in their lives with NPD and you are bringing politics into it. Unbelievable and sickening.

  7. Hey KC

    What do you say now that even the media are admitting Sudam Hussein had WMD’s? Disgusting that people are on this site seeking healing from a narcissist in their life and you are here spewing your liberal speech. unbelievable!

  8. Hmmmmm….nice try. Even the media are admitting WMD’s as of December of last year. King Obama is the real narcissist. Judging by the mid term elections it Seems the country is waking up to this ugly reality! Have you?

  9. I grew up surrounded by monsters….almost all of my relatives, so I figure it is a generational ‘thing’ (or like John Bradshaw said, “analogous to a multi-car pileup on a freeway”).

    My maternal grandmother was a horror-show. She did not understand the meaning, nor cared to, of ‘boundaries’, frequently coming into my bedroom, even when the door was closed, and without knocking or feeling that she had to. My brothers were cruel to animals, and my much-vaulted sisters are totally clueless. In fact, the oldest is a supreme narcissist/control freak. Outrageously so…she has not figured out that we are adults now and that no one is under 55 in my family.

    Dad was a patronizing and disparaging manipulator. He even said he would ‘go to his grave before he would admit that he was wrong’. Mom was a high-level narcissistic personality disordered woman.

    With all that in my favor, I managed to catch the attention of an extremely intelligent psychopath from another neighborhood. I won’t go into details, but I made an attempt at my life after spending years with her. And her creepiness and cruel ‘set-ups’ continue to plague my existence to this day.

    By all means, get educated on these socially disordered people. Keep reading, and reading, and reading. Joining a group of others who know exactly what you went through would be helpful as well. I have encountered several sociopath/narcissists in the workplace. I think women/girls are worse because they are more clever than men and they never stop with it…it just keeps coming (especially in the workplace). Glad I am not in an office any longer and never will be again. Offices/companies are teeming with these creeps.

  10. LD: Frankly, I don’t believe anything the “media” says seeing that they are owned, lock, stock and barrel by the Rothschild Dynasty (satanists and psychopaths) who fund both the LEFT WING and the RIGHT WING of the charade we call “politics” while they quietly and sneakily go about their real agenda in the background. The lamestream media is just a mouthpiece for them to keep us all distracted and squabbling amongst ourselves, same way the Malignant Narc mother triangulates her children and flying monkies to keep them arguing and distracted from HER WICKEDNESS. The reason these Faux Jews (Rothschilds who start every war and control the funny money) invaded Iraq was to to steal their MUSEUM RELICS because they supposedly had Nimrod’s mummy in their museum. The rabbit hole goes so very deep and you people who get caught up in the liberal vs conservative are being DUPED in every way possible. Every reason they give us for war is either a false flag or an acting job complete with actors hired to do their parts (like Sandy Hook, total hoax, nobody even died).

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