Au Revoir To Narcissistic Golden Boy Brother

Is your narcissistic golden boy older brother (or younger brother) still controlling your life, your feelings, your decisions? Is he haunting your dreams and your thoughts? Does he hurt your feelings every time you have contact with him? Is he continuing to demean and humiliate you in front of the family? If the answer is Yes to these questions it is time for a reckoning with this narcissist  even though he is your DNA brother.

You deserve to be treated with respect and understanding despite what any other person thinks, including narcissistic mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and in-laws. You have tried every avenue to make peace with this brother who has taunted you all of your life. Mother and father picked him as the golden children when he was very little. You were left out in the cold to fend for yourself. In some cases you were protected by a grandparent or aunt who loved you deeply. Some of these children go it alone, keep their own counsel and learn to take care of themselves very early. They are courageous human beings.

A time comes when you feel compelled to make the decision to sever the non-relationship with your narcissistic brother. This action frees you up to lead your own life, unimpaired or burdened by the vicious attacks, niggling, picking, verbal assaults of your narcissistic golden boy brother.

Take time to appreciate who you are and acknowledge your creative gifts, your empathy and your unique capacities. Pool together friends that you can trust and from whom you gather strength and full acceptance and caring.

Now you are ready to say “Au Revoir” . You experience an emotional and psychological freedom that is sweet and life giving. Go off on your pathway, fly with the winds, feel the goodness inside of you and know that you are loved. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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  1. Thank you for this
    My wife is going through exactly what you have described.
    Your writing was meant for her. Thank you again.

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