Affairs with Narcissistic Men

Being seduced by a narcissistic man is not that uncommon. There are many life stories with unhappy endings that start with a major flirtation. The high level grandiose narcissistic man is irresistible. He gazes at you, won’t take his eyes off of you. And that’s only the beginning. There is a strong dynamic–a vibration that surrounds a powerful handsome male narcissist. It is very difficult for most women to say “no” to them. Some women fall so fast and hard that they are willing to risk their marriages and their children to be with this man.

At the start it is pure magic–a living fantasy that we don’t want to disappear into a chimera. The narcissist becomes obsessed with seeing you and you keep saying yes. He promises you everything–including marriage and you keep saying yes. Then the time comes when he is contacting you less often, unresponsive to your texts. He says he is traveling and has a very heavy work load. You miss him but don’t get it. He is finished with you; he has had his fun. Most likely he has found someone else for his favorite recreation—seducing women.

To protect yourself from these most tempting of men, do a lot of research on the narcissistic personality disorder. Study their character —They have no empathy; they are deceptive, they are chronic liars; they exploit everyone; they are highly critical and self entitled. They are incapable of any emotional attachment of any kind. You will be grateful that you have done this work and discovered the true nature of the narcissist.

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