High Level Narcissists – Ultimate Takers, Dissemblers

High Level Narcissists –Ultimate Takers, Dissemblers

High level narcissists are dissemblers, filled with patterns of deceit and corruption.  They conceal the truth from you at every turn. As the partner, spouse or child of a high level narcissist you can  only expect lies and purposeful obfuscation from these individuals.

Some of the things that the high level takes from you:

  1. Your inner peace and senses of solitude  – The high level narcissist is exceedingly demanding – high maintenance on your psychologically and emotionally. It is very difficult to feel relaxed and quiet when you are married to or partnered with a high level narcissist. Many of them are constantly in motion, moving from one activity to the next. They have unquiet minds that are continually demanding your attention, approval, praise and adulation.

2. They Eclipse the amount of time that you can spend in the calming, restorative parasympathetic body/mind systems where you experience healing and restoration. It is always about them; they are the center of the universe and expect you to be worshiping at their throne.

3. It is tiring to be married to a high level who must have his or her ego constantly fed with glowing approval. These individuals are completely bored with others, even their spouses and partners. They are disinterested with your creativity or intellectual pursuits.  They are bored and annoyed with those who possess clear independent thought.  They will steal your creative ideas and pawn them off at their own.

4. High level narcissists are dissemblers who despise the truth. Constructing elaborate lies and obfuscations are the methods that they use to continue to rise up to their over the top positions of power and influence.

5. High levels put untold pressures on you to compromise your well developed conscience.  They work on you to take the easy way through problems which involves lying by omission and commission. They may even offer you financial remuneration or unique gifts to turn a blind eye to ignore and reject your conscience. The pressure to go against your own fine character is often very pronounced.

6.High levels are envious of your creative gifts. Sometimes they lift your original concepts and exploit them for their own purposes. They never admit that they have taken something very precious from you. They don’t care about what they take as long as they fulfill their own selfish goals.

7.High levels wear you down with multiple humiliations that they know will compromise you psychologically and emotionally. If their vile projections keep you in a state of fight or flight day or night, that is your problem. You are to blame.

Ultimately you can never be your true self partnered with a high level narcissist.   They are incapable of developing meaningful, empathic loving relationships.

At a point of deep insight you decide to move forward as a separate individual, independent, free, creative, grounded, steeped in your own wisdom, psychological stamina, unique individuality.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.