Narcissistic Sister-in-Law Infiltrates Your Family

There is a type of narcissistic sister-in-law who is both intrusive and destructive to members of your family. She can be highly flirtatious with your husband, causing a lot of strain, embarrassment and high stress. These gals never give up; they always have their motors running. They are without conscience or psychological boundaries, know what they are after and go for it. They are unconcerned about the relationships that they ruin or the families that they destroy. Narcissistic sisters-in-law are often money hungry. They cultivate close relationships with the family matriarch, befriend her and become her confidante because she is the keeper of the family monetary largess. They cleverly isolate the older woman, gain her trust, become indispensable and make the strategic moves to convince her that she is the neutral party who can help the older woman handle the financial affairs. This is especially the case if the matriarch doesn’t have a husband and the other family members have been sufficiently fooled by the SIL’s smooth method acting. The narcissistic SIL cleverly plays a game of divide and conquer through well placed lies about the siblings. In many cases the SIL plays the “holy innocent” card, She is never suspected of the treacheries she commits that alienate family members from one another. She bides her time waiting for the demise of the family matriarch whom she has secretly pressured into turning all of her monetary resources over to the greedy narcissistic infiltrator. By the time she has vanished with all the assets, it is too late. The narcissistic SIL moves on to more fertile human fields where she can continue to work her dark destructive magic. Learn to recognize in-laws who reveal themselves as narcissistic personalities so that you will not be victimized by them.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.