Narcissistic Women Grabbing Highly Successful Men

There are narcissistic women who spend most of their time seeking and finding the “right man.” to marry. This means a guy with a lot of monetary assets and properties whom they can completely control. (Of course there are narcissistic men with the same plan). Narcissistic women are predatory. If the man they have in their sights is married, this is no problem for them—even if this “right guy” is married to her best friend or even her sister. They are brazen and conscienceless. In fact narcissistic women luxuriate in being outrageous. They always get away with it, especially if they are very attractive. Naturally these women need to brand their men by insisting on getting married without a pre-nup if at all possible. If the man in mind is not cooperative, they move on to someone else who is much more receptive. Some narcissistic women purposely marry men three or more decades older than they are who have immense wealth and worldly prestige. This is a perfect setup for them. If the guy is old enough, they find a boyfriend or two on the side to satisfy their need for excitement, frivolity, escape and sexual fun.

Men who marry these women often fall hopelessly in love with them and will shoulder limitless amounts of abuse, including constant demands for every material possession imaginable. These women are in charge of their unsuspecting husbands. They are incapable of loving them and don’t invest emotionally in their spouses or want to. Using their seductive wiles, the narcissistic femme fatale can always bring her man back instantaneously if his attention wanders. Some spouses of narcissistic women become obsessed with them and put up with every level of verbal abuse. They are enthralled with this woman and would never give her up. On the other side the narcissistic woman is having a grand time playing the role of partner to a prominent, highly successful man who wields great influence. Despite their accomplishments, education and professional achievements, this particular kind of narcissistic woman gets most of her narcissistic supplies being aligned so closely with the lifestyle that this highly affluent man provides.

When the marriage falters and the narcissistic woman has total control of her husband’s assets and feels restless, she moves forward to another relationship (which has often been going on for some time outside of the marriage) with a another man who will make all of her material dreams come true. The narcissistic woman never looks back to view all of the psychological and financial damage she has done. She moves in the unfettered fast lane of life where she creates her own rules of the road and fashions her life according to her extraordinary wishes and desires.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.