Pay Attention to Your Intuition Dealing with Narcissists

Intuition, a deep knowing that moves through us faster than a lightening strike is with us throughout our lives. This is one of the most valuable gifts we can develop as individuals. We are all capable of being intuitive. In some families it is encouraged; in others it remains unknown and unvalued. Seeking the truth and developing high levels of intuition are closely related to one another. Small children are highly intuitive. Even babies will cry when they feel someone around them whom they sense they cannot trust. I am not talking here about a stage of stranger anxiety.

When you are dealing with a narcissistic spouse and especially going through a divorce, intuition is your constant companion and source of wisdom. It moves so quickly that it can be dismissed easily or rationalized away. Learn to be receptive to the ways that your intuition is communicating with you. Some people hear a quiet voice that tells them what to do or say. Others will see something special in their mind’s eye. Some dream about what move to make next. Intuition is a source of wisdom. The more you use it, the greater its power and easier it is to access. It is part of our true nature. I have found that many people are not open to accepting this gift as a reality. Othersembrace their intuition and use it throughout their lives.

Intuition tells us when we are dealing with a narcissist. If we pay close attention we avoid entanglements with narcissists by listening to this source of truth. If we have been married to a narcissist and have made the decision to sever the relationship, using intuition puts us on the right pathway to freedom. It will help us through every single step. You will meet others who are very familiar with this gift. They are a source of comfort and reassurance. Intuition is more powerful than intellectual thought since it travels at greater speed and gets to the central truth instantaneously. Learn to be receptive to the inner messages that are speaking to you. Listen to these guides. They areĀ  sources of protection, security, creativity and transformation.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.
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