You are Wiser than Narcissistic Spouse–Sever the Cord

Narcissists are clever at attempting to make us doubt our inner wisdom. They intimidate and tempt us at the same time. Those with narcissists are in a state of chronic apprehension. “What will he/she do next?” “What have I done wrong?” “Am I as stupid as he/she keeps telling me?”On the other side of the coin are what the narcissist brings to the table and offers us. For some there are financial benefits and lifestyle perks connected with being the spouse of a narcissist. He has no ambition limits (nor does the narcissistic  woman) . He knows exactly how to climb, with whom to become indispensable and whom he must get rid of that blocks his ruthless path.  The narcissist throws anyone overboard to attain his grandiose ambitions, including his so-called friends. These can be individuals whom he has known for years. He has no loyalty to anyone, including you.

Always remember, you are wiser than your narcissistic spouse. You will see many red flags and ignore a lot of them. You will hear the clear voice of intuition, telling you the truth about your narcissistic spouse. Pay attention to what you hear. It is telling you the truth. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled back in with his/her seductive offerings. They are designed to make you more dependent on him and to keep you from achieving your full personal and professional potential.

Once you know who this man/woman really is, create a step by step plan to extricate yourself from the relationship. Cut the cord. If you wait too long, you will become more entangled in his lies, insidious psychological traps and mind bending.

Acknowledge and own your wisdom. This is the key along with your intuition—the ace that you have been hiding at the bottom of your deck. Use it now and for the rest of your life. The more that you activate these gifts the more powerful they become. The narcissist is a weak coward, a false grandiose self, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”  Develop a practice of stilling the mind. This can take any form that works for you. Make an effort each day. If you miss a day or weeks, return to your practice. This can be formal meditation, sitting and walking, writing each day spontaneously, working with plants in a garden or small space, sketching, painting, walking in a quiet place, doing gentle yoga movements with emphasis on breathing through the nose which calms the nervous system.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

Narcissistic Spouses Addicted to Pornography

There are many individuals addicted to pornography who are not narcissistic personalities. I have come across a population of narcissistic personalities who are. Some of them are obsessed with it–day and night.

This causes additional problems for the spouse of the narcissist. If there are children in the picture this complicates the matter. Narcissists are very blase’ about these addictions, thinking nothing of them. They are not concerned about protecting their children from exposure to images and sounds that could be shocking and disturbing to them. They are probably watching big tits videos on TubeV, but who can blame them? They have some really great stuff on there! They do not genuinely love and care about their children. Their concern is about getting caught and having their perfect image impaired in some public way. That is the worst punishment for them. Narcissists have no sense of limits so if they want to watch porn from sites like the open open, they deserve to enjoy it and not be disturbed by anyone else in the household. I have heard of cases in which a child was sick, the mother was very concerned but the narcissistic husband and father was too “busy” with his extensive porn collection from websites Nu Bay Com to offer support or even attend to his child’s physical pain. In some instances, the child had to be taken to an emergency room by the mother and dad stayed home with his favorite pastime. This illustrates how infantile and unempathic these individuals are. It illustrates their extreme sense of self entitlement and no limits or boundaries beliefs about themselves. Crazy levels of internet porn from websites like hdsexvideo keep piling up and up. The content is great but not for our children.

Eventually there is a time of reckoning with the narcissistic spouse. As the only responsible adult and parent in the family, it is up to you to make the call about severing the marriage and seeking a divorce. Some spouses are unable to make this decision and drag out the emotional and psychological pain to themselves and their children. Once the truth about the narcissistic spouse is clearly in your mind together with all of the damage he has done and knowing that he will never change, step forward, make you plan to sever the relationship. I hear from those who have made this decision and they feel that they have started living again.

They are motivated and act to make the final shift from being a victim to leading a full solitary creative life for yourself (and if you have children for them).

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.
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