Sociopathic Narcissists-Relentlessly Cruel

In a current society that accepts pathological narcissism as a norm in many circles, you wonder where there is a limit to the cruelties perpetrated on spouses, ex-spouses and family members. There is a continuum in pathological narcissism. Some narcissists are worse than others in the profoundly devastating effect they have on others. Every narcissist is strictly out for himself/herself and there is absolutely no empathy within them. They are all ruthless and self absorbed. But there is a group of these individuals who are committed to devastate the lives of others, especially those close to them: siblings, children, spouses. There are sociopathic narcissists who will not be satisfied until their “enemy” is completed vanquished—emotionally, psychologically, financially. They seek revenge, not for what has been done to them, but what they perceive in a highly deluded way, what has been done to them. Narcissists are never wrong–they are incapable of mistakes because they truly believe that they are perfect. They are capable of persuading even intelligent people that they are the good guy and their victim is the culprit. With the use of a fake charm, dynamism, sexual wiles, they fool most individuals. A sociopathic narcissist will tear you to shreds psychologically until you’ve got their number.

Never underestimate the extremes of the cruelties and treacheries—They don’t care a damn about the damage that they create even on small children or helpless individuals.

Learn everything you can about the narcissistic personality disorder–study hard and understand these individuals like the back of your hand.

If you think they are finished hurting you, think again. The best thing that can happen to some people is to be discarded by a narcissist. This way they are out of your life and you can begin to recover.

Sociopathic narcissists provide us with opportunities to be tough, steady and consistent. We must use all of our mental discipline in dealing with them.

Use your intuition—that quiet voice that always speaks the truth—to guide your words and actions.

Keep yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong (in the way that you understand this concept.)

Know that you will succeed. You survived your childhood. You can prevail now.

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