Seductive Toxic False Self Narcissist

“The origins of the False Self begin with a mother (or father) who is unable to recognize and accept her child’s individuality. Psychoanalyst D.W. Winncott describes how the mother creates a False Self in her child: ‘the mother who is not good enough…repeatedly fails to meet the infant’s gesture (the infant’s unique spontaneity) ; instead she substitutes her own gesture which is to be given sense by the compliance of the infant.’ ” (From: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life) The mother of the prospective narcissist cannot accept her child as he (she) is. Often feeling inadequate herself, she has a grandiose vision for her child of superiority and mastery over others. This child will become the fulfillment of her deepest wish—sometimes the very reason for her life. Frank Lloyd Wright’s mother called her son her prince and treated him this way from the beginning of his life. He never learned to be empathic or caring, or warm and accepting with other human beings. He was driven by a great talent and changed the face of modern architecture. In his personal life, he was a continuous disaster, causing psychological pain and misery to whomever he married. He managed to abandon six young children, trotting off to Europe for several years with the wife of a client.

The narcissist knows how to psychologically seduce those whom he favors and want to call his own. He (she) thinks of people not as individuals but as possessions over which he has complete control. In the beginning the elaborate false self of the narcissist is into overdrive. Very few can say “no” to him. Most people believe that this is the genuine person and take the very believable bait—They are caught. Those who marry narcissists find out, often too late, that this individual is psychologically toxic to them. When the relationship starts to go sour and the narcissist is in full rage mode, constantly wielding his aggressive projections on to you, many finally realize that this not their fault. They start to research these character traits—complete self absorption, lack of empathy, volcanic rage, ,over-entitlement, exploitation, chronic deceit, pernicious lies—This is a description of the narcissistic personality. They feel that their lives no longer belong to them. Many decide to find a way to reclaim themselves, to separate permanently from the narcissistic toxins. Victims of narcissists take these actions for themselves and their children. To learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality disorder, visit my website:

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