Predatory Narcissists—Stop Feeling Sorry for Them

When a narcissist has come a hair’s breath from destroying your life psychologically and emotionally, the focus must be on you and your welfare. Yes, it is tragic that most narcissists as children were conditioned to become cold, fraudulent false selves without empathy or conscience. But we must think about the incredible number of people they harm throughout their lives. One narcissists can emotionally endanger hundreds of individuals in very short order. First they don’t have a conscience that slows us down.We think about the consequences to others before we act. We make every effort not to hurt others.

The narcissist leaves people discarded, alone, psychologically injured, emotionally desperate and immobilized without a twinge of conscience. While you spend you nights staring at the ceiling with your guts roiling and your mind torturing you, the narcissist is fast asleep. He doesn’t have a conscience—his only concern is about getting caught.

Narcissists are predatory—they know when we are vulnerable and will be receptive to their wiles, baits and seductions. Their timing is impeccable–they are so cunning. When all else fails they play on your empathy and use every trick to pull you back into their delusional life. They want to possess you and control you. Many women get caught up in this self destructive cycle that can become a life pattern.

Learn everything you can about the true predatory nature of the narcissists in all of his masks, using every trick in the the book and more. You will recognize what he is doing—tricking you to fuse with him again–sending you off on a detour that interrupts your life. The narcissist is unconcerned about what his intrusions are doing to you. He is a demanding, petulant child who knows exactly what he wants right now and will not be denied.

Trust your true self and honor it. You have been through a difficult life passage. You are entitled to lead a life where you are the author. Your destiny is to continue to evolve, to use all of your creative gifts, to give and receive love and to help yourself and others to find inner peace. To learn about the narcissist in-depth, visit my

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