Predatory Female Narcissists-Watch Out

Statistically there is a preponderance of male narcissists but the female ones are gaining ground. Narcissists cause a lot of pain on many levels all the time. As long as a narcissist is working his/her manipulations and deceits successfully, other people are hurting. This includes his spouses and children.

There is a special group of female narcissists who are highly predatory—always on the hunt. They check out their prey with the instincts of a lioness on the Serengeti. They play a variety of roles: sophisticated ladies, sirens in disguise, “I’m your best friend” types, indispensable servants, “call me anytime” gals, etc.

Men have a difficult time understanding how devious some women are, especially narcissistic divas. Too many times I have seen them through the lens of a tour d’force performance. Narcissistic woman selects the power professional–handsome, well educated, high income, socially polished, near the top. She maneuvers herself into meeting him. He finds her dazzling, gorgeous, attentive to him and filled with the right chemistry. Her detailed plan is unfolding. He is enraptured. She cleverly feigns her inability to resist him. The two are inseparable. In a few months she is pregnant. He is surprised but subject to his instincts and impulses. She wants marriage, money and lifestyle. He acquiesces. They marry. For a while it appears to be idyllic. Then the worm turns. The marriage begins to falter. (part of her plan) He was so taken with her, there is no prenup. After a while, lawyers are hired. She knows the cleverest ones since she has directed this movie before. She gets more than half of the money and possessions. Narcissistic divas use a living human being they call their child as collateral to ensure their financial security and the success of her enterprise.

Ultimately, if you suspect that your partner might be a narcissist then it is probably in your best interest to considering getting a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married. Signing a prenup can protect your assets in case you end up deciding to split, and this can make the divorce process much easier. To learn more about how to complete a prenup, try reaching out to a team of Los Angeles prenup attorneys or to a team of prenup experts in your area.

Protect yourself from these predatory female narcissists by studying the narcissistic personality in detail and depth. Become aware of your specific weaknesses and past painful experiences with these connivers. Let your intuition override your chemical and visual attraction. Visit my

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