Narcissists Use Shock to Control You

Narcissists are predictably unpredictable. Even clinicians who have researched and studied the narcissistic personality disorder for years, at times find their outrageous tactics to be shocking. There are no limits to the emotional, financial and psychological chaos that they purposely cause. Just when you think you have a handle on a particular narcissist, he/she will give you the shock treatment. You think a divorce is final after fifteen yours. The papers are signed, the judge has gone home, the witnesses have retired, you are exhausted —guess what? They’re back! With another demand, accusation, recrimination, filthy bag of lies. The more you learn in depth about the narcissistic personality disorder the less you will be dismayed, disappointed and hurt by the narcissist’s disgusting trickery.

One of your best offenses is to develop a strong sense of yourself as separate from this individual and psychological boundaries that must be respected at all times. Learning to quiet the mind through walking or sitting meditation is an excellent way to gain a sense of detachment from the constant dramas that these individuals initiate. You are in charge of your life. You are no longer dancing to their tune. You don’t jump when they speak nor are you afraid of the narcissist anymore. Become accustomed and appreciate the real you that has always been there. Give yourself credit for this transformation. Visit my

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