Narcissists Don’t Stop Trying to Destroy Others

Narcissistic personalities have no psychological brakes. They have no sense of limits. If they want something and are compelled to go after it, they will pursue their goal even if it disrupts entire families, marriages, children, in-laws, etc. Narcissists are ego-driven not conscience driven. They don’t develop a full conscience. Their idea of right and wrong is based on whether they will get caught or not. When narcissists are crossed they become particularly vindictive and vengeful. If you are in the middle of a divorce they might call, text or email you 40 times a day or more to get your attention or to intimidate you.

They despise the happiness and peace of others. They are very restless people and determined to step over any number of “bodies” to reach their goal. If a male or female narcissist is sexually drawn to a married man or woman even if the spouse is their best friend, they will plunge into the liaison without blinking an eye. It is a thrill for them to have possession of this person whom they want with such passion. In the end they discard this person and move on to someone else.

Protect yourself from the narcissist by learning about them in detail and depth. Learn about your own vulnerabilities to them. Become so skilled that you can pick them out quickly no matter how attractive or irresistible they appear to be. You can become immune to these severely disordered individuals.

The narcissist is never going to change but you can and will. You will prevail by doing research, strengthening yourself psychologically and emotionally, paying close attention to your intuition and become more self entitled to a life of inner peace, the full use of your creativity and all of your other gifts.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

2 thoughts on “Narcissists Don’t Stop Trying to Destroy Others”

  1. What advise can you give for dealing with a teenaged son dating a girl that her mom has NPD? She lives through her daughter, so he is also dating the mom as well in this sick situation. I broke them up due to the problems the mom was causing our family, but the mom won’t go away. She is posting lies about us, including my son, on social media. Last time this happened I slammed her on social media, and she went away for a few months.. She’s back again though.
    Any advise is appreciated.

  2. Stay away from social media. No contact at ALL times. Never show a narc that they get to you.
    Strong face in public, if need to, cry and scream and recover in private. Do not let them live in your head, it will grind you down. It is hard but it is totally possible.

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