Narcissists-Cruel Custody Battles

Narcissists discard other human beings when they have squeezed out and stolen their energy, stamina, creative gifts and sense of self. They are incapable of real relationships. The narcissist writes the script and directs the roles that those within his inner circle will play, including spouses, children and other family members.
One of the most painful aspects of divorcing a narcissist is when he or she decides to fights for custody of his children. Some of the most heartbreaking cases that I hear concern the victimization of the non-narcissistic spouse and the children of this marriage. In some cases the narcissist decides for spite, image and power plays that he will fight for custody of his children, not because he love them. The purpose of these long hateful battles is to wear down and exhaust the psychological and financial resources of the injured spouse. The courts often play into the hands of the narcissist, especially if this individual has extensive financial resources. I have known of prolonged cases over custody that have taken over a decade to resolve. The narcissist psychologically tortures the ex-spouse by purposely dragging out the process, making outrageous accusations about the mental and psychological fitness of the ex-spouse, cunningly convince judges that he is an honest and dedicated parent who is only looking after the welfare of his children. Protect yourself an d you children by making informed decisions about becoming married to and having children with a narcissist. If you already are divorcing a narcissist, make sure that you have a very astute attorney who understands the ruthless treachery of narcissistic personality disorder. The better you are informed the greater your chances of avoiding a marriage with a narcissist and having children with them. If you already have children with a narcissist and are in the middle of a custody battle, do your homework and learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality disorder. Visit my website:

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  1. Dr Martinez-Lewi,
    Do you know of any reference material or studies on the relationship between the narcissistic parent, custody battles, and the brainwashing of parent alienation? Especially where the abusive narc parent is awarded custody, what the long term effects are upon the targeted parent’s relationship with the children, and the effects upon the family’s ability to reconcile and eventually heal.
    Thank you,

  2. Dr Martinez-Lewi,
    Please email your response to me. I forgot to check the two options at the bottom of the page about receiving notification of your response..
    Thank you,

  3. Help me please…this is my problem, and I’m so exhausted with this….
    Please give me any information on how to receive help. It’s destorying my life!!
    Hell it has destroyed my life… Please I’m in custody case hell and she’s trying to set me up and I’m falling for it help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  4. Pure hell on earth is the only words for my life after unknowingly married narcissist and had two children boys, over time it slowly became painstaking clear to me I needed to be scared of something I cannot explain or pinpoint but he had me alone on the brink of insanity my family and health care had been already convinced for months he worked them all behind my back. If wasn’t for that unexpected knock at the door from my cousin asking for a place to stay with nowhere to go she stayed long enough to see what no one else sees knows or believed me Validation her gift was from God to continue this life it’s still hell HES got custody last YR of both temperarily they are 16 & 18 my 16yr has no contact with my 18yr old does but it’s getting more controlled everyday til my ex has him complete and total controlled. three lives he will have destroyed when he’s finished and is finished when they are destroyed to his next victims

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