Narcissists-Big Hypocrites Concealing Their True Natures

Most Narcissists are obsessed with their image—impeccable physical appearance, professional reputations, societal standing, important connections, their superiority and their need to have others look upon them as wonderful human beings. Narcissists put on such convincing acts that they deceive professional observers like psychotherapists, attorneys and judges.

I have been in communication with family members of narcissists who are shocked at split in the narcissist’s presentation of himself in the world and in his private life. Those inside his charmed circle are entranced with this man or woman who appears to be capable of achieving anything he puts his mind to. These accomplishments are often built up by the narcissist, putting himself in the role of leader and hero. Narcissists are gifted story tellers. They can spin yarns that are full of holes, exaggeration and made from whole cloth and audiences will be hanging on their every word. Narcissists often take credit for the achievements of others.

In private, narcissists act with malicious cruelty, withering ongoing criticism and a steel fist attitude about controlling their family members. Some spouses, siblings and children of narcissists are treated with great disrespect. Many narcissists are never home and lead secret lives with their mistresses and girlfriends.

After years of leading a very stressful life with a narcissist many partners simply cannot carry on this charade any longer. When you awaken and discover that you are married to an ultimate hypocrite who is incapable of loving anyone but himself, it’s time to take stock. Even if you have known this person for years , he is still criticizing you constantly, wearing down your nervous system and your will and any sense of optimism.

If you want to be free of this dreadful hypocrite, you have a decision to make—to stay or leave. This individual is never going to improve. You can change your life and make it a lot better by letting go of the burden of sharing it with this impossible individual. You now know that these men and women are hypocrites to the max. You are genuine and authentic and deserve to lead a life free from this rigid, deeply pathological personality disorders. To learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality disorder, visit my website:

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