Narcissists are Brazen-Damn Ethics or the Law

Narcissists become more ruthless and self entitled as they continue to get away with more outrageous behaviors. In business they frequently violate ethical standards and the law. Their singular motivation is winning, whatever that means to them. No one is more up to this task than a successful narcissist in blood sport mode. At the top of their ruthless game, they have won countless battles, using the same tactics: intimidation, threats, manipulation, deception, outright lies, turning one party against the other. I am reminded of a very successful investors trust that purchased financially distressed companies. These were bottom feeders, who made the lowest offers to purchase from a desperate business owner. If it was a family owned business, the head narcissist of the firm would pit one sibling or parent against the other, offering side deals to anyone who would cave in to their demands. These individuals were ruthless with other prospective buyers, maliciously pushing them beyond reach. The CEO and CFO had a group of unscrupulous clever attorneys available to create a siege mentality and to back up the narcissists when they walked blithely over the legal line. Despite ethical and legal violations these narcissistic business people were so accustomed to prevailing, that no one could stop them.

Another egregious situation is that of a slumlord who preyed upon the working poor. He constantly jacked up the rents, failed to do essential repairs and threatened tenants who could not pay their rent the moment it was due. The tenants were at his mercy. The apartment owner was clearly violating the law, getting away with it and congratulating himself for effortlessly making large sums of passive income. .

One reason narcissists get away with these despicable behaviors is due to their hubris. The other is that most people are afraid to stand up to them. The current cultural climate tilts in favor of the narcissist’s excesses and flouting of ethics and the law, especially when the narcissist has become a media magnet. Many people positively identify with “success” regardless of how it is attained. Understanding more about the essence of the narcissistic personality, how he/she plays the game and what you can do to counteract his moves, visit my

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