Narcissistic Women—Playing the Pregnancy Card

We are always so happy when we see a woman that is pregnant, especially if it’s someone we know. We always treat them just a bit kinder, give them our seat on the Subway, some people even become a Cultural Care Au Pair and help them look after their kids in return for food and a room. But it isn’t this innocent when it comes to narcissistic women.

Narcissistic women are known for their clever, conniving ruthlessness. One plot some of them boldly and irresponsibly play out is that of hooking the guy with their great looks and desirability. They often find men who either already have “made it” in the wealth department or are climbing to the top of their professions. Nothing else will do. These women are obsessive plotters. They take their time, sizing up each man to find just the one who will make the cut. They start dating and in a short while these phenomenal actresses are getting closer and closer to the clincher. The chosen man doesn’t have a clue about his coming entrapment. These women know how to turn it on in the intimacy department. A few months go by and everything is moving according to plan. One evening at dinner the narcissistic vixen announces that she is pregnant with his child. The guy’s jaw drops. He can’t believe it. The woman plays the pre-mother role. She explains that this latest development has been a horrible shock to her but now that there is a baby on the way, she is a responsible and moral individual who will take her role as a mother seriously. There will be no abortion or adoption out. The two of them will raise the child.

Women playing the pregnancy card are cunning at getting the man to think they are are going to share their lives together. In some cases, the guy buys a home to begin the new family.
What he doesn’t know is that he was out of the picture from the beginning. This lady is after the money. Pregnancy and giving birth is her ticket to a tidy sum of money and support. If there is a grandmother handy, an aunt or a friend who will baby sit, this woman plans to have some fun time on her own and then go back to a good job. She takes this fellow for the total ride. He is responsible for the child’s welfare in all of its facets until the kid is eighteen years of age. I have seen this happen a number of times. With no conscience and absolute certainty about how much she can get away with–narcissistic women often win one court battle after the other, plunder the former “Partner” for all he’s worth and move on. The baby is a narcissistic supply to the narcissistic woman. She pretends to love her child when she is presenting a perfect image of herself. Otherwise, someone else can raise this kid. Using children for monetary gain is malevolent. Some of the men who are left holding this particular bag suffer horribly.

Narcissistic women who play this card never look back with regret or remorse. They are not designed that way. They are Darwinian. One day they might even pull this heinous trick again. If not they will always find ways to decimate their male victims. These women despise men and nothing but sweet revenge will do for them. To learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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