Narcissistic Stepmothers-Ultimate Nightmare for their Step Children

There are tales of wicked stepmothers going back hundreds of years. Ancient fairy tales tell the truth of their nature. There are step mothers who are wonderful parents to their step children. I am talking about those who are narcissists.

Narcissistic step mothers cause emotional chaos and psychological distress within the family. When they have children with their new spouse, they often cut off the original family, the children of their spouse’s first family. Narcissistic step mothers are cunning and clever, appearing to be considerate and cooperative with the new family constellation. But they have the upper hand over their spouse. The narcissistic wife slows turns turns very ugly. She has hatched a plan to rule over all of the children and to ultimately control her husband. She caters to this man to making sure that she is indispensable to him, that he cannot make decisions without her. Eventually, these husbands capitulate their control and decision making. They go along with their wife’s wishes on the children of the second marriage. When the husband is highly successful, the second or third wife becomes obsessed with the heady lifestyle, controlling money properties and all assets. The narcissistic stepmother is exceedingly greedy. She favors and give her biological children with her spouse every material advantage. The children of the first marriage have to fend for themselves without the aid of their parent. The narcissistic step mother has won the battle. She is now in charge of everyone.

Don’t wait for the narcissistic stepmother to change. This is a pathologically fixed personality disorder. Study these individuals intently. It is vital that you protect and separate yourself from them. Work changing yourself. Respect your strengths, creativity, the blooming of your potential and every aspect of your unique personality. Visit my website:

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One thought on “Narcissistic Stepmothers-Ultimate Nightmare for their Step Children”

  1. Hi Linda, I am so grateful you wrote this book. Its help validate so much for me. I have had years of psychotherapy in order to heal from the damage created by my step mother. Your posting of “Narcissistic Stepmother -Ultimate Nightmare for their Step children” describes her exactly. The therapy I had has helped me uncover so much, it involved hypnosis and unfortunately a lot of emotional manipulation and abuse was uncovered from my early childhood, this sat in my sub conscience which caused so much damage. I hated myself, had such a low self esteem and was so reactive to everyone. Therapy was such a learning experience. I miss my dad incredibly and would love him to be a part of my life, but have had to cut him and his mentally ill wife out of my life permanently. In my adult years I haven’t seen her much but her control of my dad is very apparent, it’s almost like he is the host for her parasitic personality. She controls my dad like her puppet. My dad enables her behaviour 100%. My therapist believes her not having her own children (just an adopted daughter) psychotically fueled her rage and hate towards me. I am my dad’s only biological child, she confuses the love my dad has for me with the love he has for her. My father works in her beauty business and I believe she uses this as the ultimate control factor. Together they both live in this fake little world of pretend, wearing masks, seeking approval from outside sources where “appearances” is all that matters. My dad drinks to escape her madness. I am in touch with my family from my dad’s side and they often say “something is just not right with her”. Before they passed away, I used to visit my father’s parents from time to time and they always said to me “be careful of C, she is a dangerous woman that will destroy lives with her jealousy”, although I never quite knew what they were meaning, until I went for therapy. I am a much happier, fulfilled person today; I have achieved positive things in my life I never thought was possible before. It’s taken years, but at 35 years old I can officially say I am making my mark! Thanks again for your wonderful book and blog.

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