Narcissistic Spouses—Psychological Abuse Must Stop

Narcissistic spouses are known for taking their husbands or wives beyond the point of endurance. They don’t care one whit if you are becoming emotionally fragile, have post traumatic stress, physical symptoms–headaches, gastrointestinal problems, bouts of debilitating depression, insomnia and hundreds of others disturbances. They live strictly for themselves. In fact if you go to them for mercy and tell them you are suffering they will tell you any of the following: ” you are weak and too sensitive”, It’s all in your mind” “your imagination is too vivid” “You’re making it up to upset me” “You’re a drama queen (or king)”,”you’re mentally unbalanced” and innumerable labels and cruel retorts. How many times have you told yourself you can’t take this abuse any longer. You’re not sleeping; you are jumping with nerves every time you know you husband will be at home. You dread having to be near this person. You are always waiting for the next verbal assault–It can come any time of day or night. Some narcissistic spouses awaken their partners in the middle of the night and go on verbal rampages for hours nonstop.

A point of reckoning is to know through your research and insight that the person to whom you are married is a narcissistic personality. This individual is not going to change. You have suffered for too long and your quality of life, including your physical energy, mental focus, feelings of emotional security and concerns about your children are negatively effected by continuing in the marriage. The time has come and the decision is yours. You long to take back your own life, your own mind, your individual gifts and energies. You can decide how you want to live—starting this moment. Pay close attention to your inner self. You can leave the narcissist and lead the life that you deserve. You have that strength, faith and perseverance. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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