Narcissistic Spouses Deepen Psychological Childhood Wounds

You may be repeating the psychological abuse and deprivation you experienced as a child in your marriage to a narcissistic personality disorder. Living with this person, you are made to feel unimportant, discarded and unworthy. You are not getting the attention and caring that you deserve.
When you live with a narcissist the home environment is chaotic and unpredictable. The narcissist often goes into extreme rages that have a shocking and disrupt effect on the nervous systems of the spouse and children.
The narcissists expects perfection from you. When you perform at a high level you are brutally criticized and demeaned. The narcissist is projecting unconscious feelings of inadequacy and aggression on to you.
There is a complete lack of sensitivity when you are married to a narcissist. Your feelings are never acknowledged appropriately. He/she may react by going out the door, arguing with you or saying: “I am superior to you; there is something very wrong with you. The message to the non-narcissist spouse is: “I will never be good enough; I have no value.”

When you are married to a narcissist there is no room for your individuality, thoughts, feelings, creativity, emotional expression—no freedom or space to be yourself.

When you live with a narcissist your opportunities for healing psychological wounds of childhood can be disrupted by the narcissist’s selfish, cold, cruel way of treating you and the constant bombardments of his/her mood swings.

The first step is to study about the true nature of the narcissistic personality disorder, recognizing that this individual is not going to change and that he is often accusing and criticizing you unjustly. Detach yourself from this severe psychopathology. Take very good care of yourself. Visit my website:

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