Narcissistic Sister Steals Your Husband

Your narcissistic sister plotted this series of moves for years. She was always attracted to your man and didn’t make it a secret.She was provocative in his presence but you kept waving her behaviors off, saying to yourself that she was naive and immature. After you married and had two children,narcissistic sis leaves for an urban center corporate career. She marries and quickly divorces. For a few years she dates heavily, one man after the other. Then during a vacation she comes to visit you and your family. You are happy to see her and have forgotten her many past moves toward your spouse. You feel trusting and at ease with her. Yet there is a constant low level gnawing thought in your mind.She has exhibited many narcissistic traits in the past.She is unempathc, self absorbed,ruthless to win at all costs, lies with ease and is very charming.

Your narcissistic sister has come back for one reason only—to take what she wants the most–your husband. That thought nags at you but you wave it off–“that couldn’t be possible.” Remember,everything is possible with a narcissist. They lack conscience and shame. Within a few weeks of her visit your suspicions are verified. She is having an affair with the man you love under your roof. This is heartbreaking. Yes, it does take two to dance and he is very culpable but the narcissist always seems to get her way, even if it destroys a family. I tell this story because it happens too often. It is a warning that you cannot ever trust narcissistic family members–sharing DNA does not guarantee loyalty. First, protect yourself by researching the narcissistic personality in-depth. When you hear the voice of intuition warning you—ALWAYS LISTEN.

Many women have been betrayed in this atrocious way. It is unbearable but they have fought back.In many cases they work with this trauma and loss through excellent psychotherapy, sever the relationship with the narcissistic sister and move forward with their unique gifts to form relationships of trust and meaning. To learn about the narcissistic personality, visit my

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