Narcissistic Older Brother–Mother’s Little Darling and Heir

In many narcissistic families you have a child who is pronounced “golden” by one or both of the parents. One example is the narcissistic mother who picks her eldest son as the Perfect One. These narcissistic mothers are psychologically fused with this child. They know that he is perfect from the day of birth and treat him like a prince. An extreme example if that of Frank Lloyd Wright’s mother Anna who adored her baby Frank, knew that he was superior and perfect and never set any limits on his behavior. She clung to him–so strong was her psychological fusion with him. Wright could never disentangle himself from her. He both loved and hated Anna.
Wright is a classic grandiose narcissistic personality with tremendous creative talent. A pioneer in architecture who designed innovative incredible homes and office buildings, in his private life was a horror. He psychologically victimized his wives and children, starting with wife number one and six children whom he abandoned to move to Europe to live the sweet life with a mistress.

The narcissistic older brother grows up knowing he can do whatever he wants. He has no limits or boundaries, nor is he capable of empathy. These brothers from hell taunt and abuse their brothers and sisters, treating them with disdain and scorn. Some narcissistic older brothers are sadistic and terrorize the younger children.

Throughout his life the NOB stays at the top of narcissistic mother’s most favored list, especially if there is an estate or property involved. He uses his position at the “beloved by mother” to gain complete control all of the material wealth. The father has been out of the picture from the beginning. Narcissistic mothers cast their husbands aside to fuse with the eldest son. When mother dies, the eldest son is bequeathed the entire estate and his siblings are left with paltry sums or nothing. This scenario is not rare. It happens quite often in the real world and speaks clearly about the entrenched power of the pathological fusion between the narcissistic mother and her narcissistic son. To learn about the narcissistic personality disorder in-depth, visit my

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