Narcissistic Older Brother Colludes with Narcissistic Mother

There are certain pathological and destructive patterns that run through narcissistic families. Each family is unique but there are repetitions of unjust and cruel maneuvers that take place when a narcissistic older brother is the mother’s favorite perfect son and the two of them collude. This is particularly the case where financial assets and properties are involved. Plans between these two are made well in advance before other family members are suspicious. The father who is considered weak and stupid by the narcissistic wife is out of the picture. The narcissistic mother married him for the family money that he controlled or his lucrative business. That was her goal from the first time she met him. I want to emphasize that these narcissists plan ahead—not in weeks or months but years ahead. They are so entitled and over-confident and nervy that they believe they can get whatever they want because they are so brilliant and clever.

If you suspect that the favored sibling is a narcissist, do everything you can to become highly informed about this serious personality disorder. At some point you may decide to hire an attorney to protect your interests. Other siblings may be fooled by the golden boy narcissist. There is nothing you can do to convince them that this person has a very defective character that is not going to change. Talk is very cheap and narcissists are excellent at using their lying words to convince others they are telling the truth.

I have observed too many cases in which the narcissistic golden child was given the benefit of the doubt that he is looking out for all of his siblings. Even if it is a biological sibling, this person has no right to take what belongs to you. Observe very keenly and maintain your sense of focus and inner steadiness. Visit my website:

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