Narcissistic Mothers-Career First-Children Last II

There are many women who juggle their time, sleep, energy and personal lives every day to take care of their children. They love them very much and work so hard. Many of these women do it all alone and do it well. They don’t have a private life; they don’t have fun very often. Their focus is providing a home, food, clothing and schooling for their children. Many of these women have been abandoned by husbands or partners who are totally irresponsible and don’t care about their children. They are off to the next big excitement–another woman they will victimize. .

There are gifted highly ambitious women with tremendous drive and motivation to reach the top to the pinnacle of their careers. This is commendable. Women have worked very hard throughout the centuries to get their just share of professional success and compensation.

I am specifically speaking about the route the narcissistic mother takes. Having a child or two is part of enhancing her image and being able to tell herself and every one else: “I do it all.” I have a very successful career, I am climbing to the top; I have two wonderful kids.” She waxes dramatically, showing the photographs of her darling children to everyone. If you ask some of these narcissistic women what happens when they come home at ten o’clock in the evening, their children are already asleep. She goes into their rooms, kisses them quietly and shuts their doors to work some more. In the morning these narcissistic mothers are rushing their children out the door to daycare. Everything is hurried—a quick kiss, a fast drive to the babysitter and this woman is off to her life goal—reaching the highest rung in her professional life.

Why do these narcissistic women have children. A child is one of the greatest narcissistic supplies of all when you are molding a perfect image and facade. On the outside, everyone thinks these women are heroines. Behind closed doors, the children suffer from intolerable maternal deprivation and know that they are not loved and were never wanted. They are pawns, chess pieces to be manipulated. To take an innocent, helpless baby and to abandon him/her to daycare or a babysitter when this child is weeks old is a travesty. Narcissistic women are mothers in name only. There are narcissistic mothers who do not have specific careers and still do not raise their children. In an unguarded moment these women will tell you that they were bored sick, staying home with an infant. They needed to get back into the excitement and dynamism of their careers. It didn’t matter if their children were very young. Some narcissistic mothers are careless about checking out quality child care as long as they can get back to their priority—-themselves. Narcissistic mothers are selfish, highly controlling and cold. Their self absorption knows no end. On weekends when they could be with their children, they have too much work demanding their attention and hire extra babysitters so that they can shop and enjoy themselves without the encumbrance of small children.

No one wants to talk about the damage that narcissistic mothers do to their children. Some of them bitch about the small amounts of time they interact with their kids and find it very irritating. What is the husband doing. Quite often he is narcissistic as well and obsessed with his career. People can do whatever they wish in becoming powerful in the world, experts in their fields, fighting all of the corporate battles to the top.But something profound happens when you have a child. This current society has given narcissistic mothers a complete pass. It has become perfectly acceptable to have children and not raise them or form a close attachment to babies who didn’t ask to be brought into the world.

I hope that with the exposure of the true nature of the narcissist that many individuals will finally recognize the incalculable harm perpetrated by narcissistic mothers. I ask the question that remains hanging in the air: Why are you having children if you are not going to take care of them ? I don’t hear any answers. I don’t hear: “I made a mistake.” I should not have had children.” or I know they missed a lot in my absence. They’ve been cheated. I am very sorry.”

Narcissistic mothers are not the least bit concerned about the psychological damage they are doing every day. Twenty years from now, they will want this child fixed!!! A child is not a machine with parts that can be replaced. Some psychological damage is so profound that adult children of narcissistic mothers suffer for much of their lives. I hear from them and they have paid a dear price for their narcissistic mother’s ruthless abandonment of her child and the idea that she would choose to have children for the single purpose of building and enhancing her priceless golden image. To learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality, visit my website:

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