Narcissistic Men—Using Sexual Connections to Reach the Top

Narcissistic men and women are sexually predatory. There is a special kind of narcissist–very good looking, more cocksure confident than intellectually bright, silk smooth with women (especially wealthy ones) and a masterful seducer. The best set up for this man is a woman of great wealth several decades his senior. It doesn’t matter to him if she is married or single. All this narcissist needs to know is that she has plenty of money and he’s going to get ahold of it. This type of narcissistic man has been seducing women all of his life. He can’t count the number of young woman and older ones with whom he has had sex for minor and major rewards–from small favors and social privileges in the beginning to setting up business connections, leading to the highest levels of corporate power. The handsome, super confident risk taking narcissist knows one thing—He can meet, seduce and establish business alliances with women who become sexually and psychologically dependent and reward him with unlimited amounts of wealth. This is in exchange for his intimate services and his masterful role in becoming an indispensable part of this woman’s life. She wouldn’t make a move, especially a business decision without him. This method has been working for narcissistic men for centuries and continues to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars to male narcissists who are at the top of this ruthless game. Protect yourself psychologically, emotionally and financially by studying the narcissistic personality disorder in depth. Visit my

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